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How to Find a Health-Inspiring Mother’s Day Gift

How to Find a Health-Inspiring Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday dedicated to giving thanks to everything that the mothers in our life do for us on a daily basis. But sometimes deciding on a gift that’s fitting can be tricky, especially if your Mom, like most, isn’t the most vocal about what she wants you to get her.

One type of gift you can never go wrong with is helping her health and wellness goals. Whether she’s looking to try new exercises or regular massage, encouraging Mom to commit to those goals is not only beneficial for her health, but also for her happiness.

Herb starter kit

A great way to help Mom eat healthier is to give her the ability to grow and use herbs and vegetables from her own garden. She can do that with this starter kit that gives her everything she needs to quickly and easily start an herb garden in the comfort of her own home. She doesn’t even need a yard! Some kits come with seeds for organic basil, chives and oregano and a recycled US steel box that sits on any windowsill and houses all of the plants as they grow. It’s a great way to kick-start Mom’s healthy-eating plan.

A massage from Zeel

When it comes to reaching a health goal, be it physical, mental or emotional, a gift that promises to give back in all categories is undoubtedly a massage. But too few people cast aside the concept of getting frequent massages as a special treatment and not something that’s truly conducive to a healthy life. The reality is that there’s countless research backing up the theory that massages are beneficial in almost every way. Not only does a massage relieve tension and stress built up from everyday life, but it also has the power to reduce symptoms of chronic illness, such as anxiety, digestive disorders, and headaches.


Book Zeel Massage


It’s so easy – gift mom a massage and have a certified massage therapist come to your (or your Mom’s) door within an hour for a 60-, 75- or 90-minute-long massage. All Mom has to do is sit back, relax and be treated like the queen she is.

And if your Mom already is a wellness aficionado, consider a Zeel monthly membership. That’ll ensure her monthly dose of well-being and stress relief all year round.

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Rest and relax: home edition

Every mom deserves a little TLC on the regular, but not all know when to ask for it. That’s where MomBomb comes in handy—it motivates mom to take the time for herself that she so desperately deserves.  This set of luxurious bath bombs was created by moms for moms—they’re created with an indulgent combination of organic Argan and essential oils that provide relief to common, everyday ailments. All mom has to do is unwrap a “bomb” and toss it into the tub. It will fizzle and release the relaxing essential oils so she can sit back and feel like she’s in a spa in the comfort of her own bathroom.

Sleep monitor

Too few people get enough shut-eye. In fact, according to a national sleep survey, at least 79 percent of people get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep a night. This isn’t only debilitating for the next day, but getting too little sleep can increase an individual’s risk for a myriad of different illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s and depression. If your mom sounds like one of these people who aren’t getting enough snooze time, consider gifting her a sleep tracker to help monitor her sleep cycles. It tracks everything from your breathing patterns and heart rate to your body movements, so Mom can understand the reasons why she’s waking up feeling less rested than she should.

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Stylish activewear

One way to help Mom muster up the courage to head to a workout class is to select stylish clothing designed especially for her chosen exercises. If she’s a yoga lover, she’ll need a solid pair of high-waisted leggings and a strappy tank. If she’s a barre babe, she’ll need a pair of studio flex socks that will keep her grounded and provide an extra-sturdy grip on the barre. Brands such as Splendid and Lululemon provide endless styles for all seasons and cater to specific workouts. Browse the items and create a gift box that full of items she’ll actually wear!

Healthy eating habits

Let’s face it: eating healthy is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With the myriad of grocery delivery services, it’s easier than ever to select healthy, chef-inspired recipes and have all of the ingredients sent to your front door. It’s the perfect gift for a mom looking to eat healthier. One great company to try is HelloFresh. Just pick a plan, depending on Mom’s dietary preferences, schedule and household size and her delivery will show up on the day of your choosing.

Whether she’s a vegetarian, on a low-calorie diet or looking for something quick and easy, there’s truly something for everyone to choose from. Once gifted, she’s given the flexibility to select meals from her weekly menu. She can choose to continue managing this weekly menu, pause her deliveries or modify her plan at any time from her computer or through the app on her phone.

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