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Blowout Queen Erika Wasser’s Best Beauty Hacks

Blowout Queen Erika Wasser’s Best Beauty Hacks

Blowout Queen Erika Wasser’s Best Beauty Hacks for Having a Good Hair Day Zeel Pause Blog Glam+Go

Every day, I get intimidated by a certain snippet of my morning routine. It’s a feeling that I know many women privately share, because when I look to my left and to my right every morning, I see other women struggling with it, too.

It’s the hurried beautification process in the gym locker room. After a 45-minute workout class and a 2-minute shower, I’m standing at the mirror next to five or six others. By the looks of it, my hair is soaked, my skin is bare, and the clock is ticking. We’ve got about 10 minutes to assemble ourselves into office-ready alpha-females. Do you know the feeling?

On one hand, “Yikes…” But, hey, on the other hand, “Game on.”

Enter Glam+Go CEO Erika Wasser: Queen of blowouts, Queen of fast beauty services, and naturally, Queen of female confidence. Erika and I got real last week about how she remedies these nightmarish “Yikes” moments for a living. Her nationwide blowout empire Glam+Go mass-produces fast blowouts for busy women, just like you and me.

In the spirit of that “Game on” approach, Erika let me in on the golden secrets of fast-beauty. She told me, “We like to say that a great hair day is not about hair. We are selling confidence.”

So, ladies, this is our ammo! And we are all going to take these tips straight to the gym locker room:

  1.      The right blowout primer can work wonders.

“There are certain blowout primers that speed up your time,” Erika told me. “Time is of the essence, of course. Lord knows we are leading a conference call at 9am sharp, and we are not going to be late because we were busy blow-drying. Living Proof’s Blowout Spray is an affordable option that’s both paraben-free and cruelty-free. I’ve used for years now and I trust it with my life.”

  1.      Shine serum is life changing!

Erika’s next tidbit: “There are certain shine serums that will really help with any sort of frayed ends. It’s probably obvious that the gym’s in-shower shampoo and conditioner are not doing us any favors in terms of frizz and shine. So whatever your hair routine may be, this is a two-second addendum that will make you look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. Living Proof also sells a travel-sized shine serum that you can conveniently buy when you grab their blowout spray. This shine spray is oil-free, so you don’t risk looking greasy.” (Note: Whenever you’ve got shine spray, spray it only at the ends or below your ears. Don’t spray your roots!)

  1.      Section by section

Yes, products can do a lot to make us look great fast. Erika said of Glam+Go: “I mean we really scour what is fresh and new and out there to make sure that we are using the best products.” But the key to saving time is in the sectioning. “Really clean organized sectioning—that’s really like the blueprint of your blowout, so if you can section really well, you can actually move a lot faster,” Erika told me.

So, just how valuable is it to start your day off with these tips? “Oh my God, you see people’s posture change in the chair. You see women walk differently when their hair is done. I mean, it really is your calling card. It changes your face. It changes how you feel about the day,” she says. In other words, goodbye “Yikes” moments in the gym locker room.

Express Blowouts at a Glam+Go salon

This one isn’t so much of a secret as much as it is the holy grail of solutions. With the Express Blowout, you can get a 15-minute blowout done by a Glam+Go stylist at one of their salon locations. (You can also pay with Class Pass points.) Glam+Go is currently in New York, Miami, and D.C. But if you live elsewhere, just sit tight for now. Erika told me that she has plans to expand to at least three additional cities next year. “For 2019, Boston is on our radar, Austin, San Francisco, and then expanding in our current markets,” she notes.


Here’s the last BIG secret Erika let me in on: “Glam+Go is going to be coming out with a line of products in 2019. Probably holidays 2019, this time next year.” What will the products be like? Oh, only everything we’ve ever dreamed of and more.

“They are going to be about product for the women on the go, and making blowouts accessible for busy women. For example, blowout base, which is essentially a primer that helps speed up your dry time. We’ll have one that starts on wet hair for our Signature Blowout, and one that is specific for starting on dry hair, which will help people replicate the express blowout at home. Things like shine sprays, frizz sheets, hair spray. But everything is going to be packaged and presented for busy women. So, you know, think purse-sized packaging versus giant bottles that would only go in your bathroom.”

Soooo! I don’t know about you but my 2019 Christmas list is pretty much complete now, even though we’re still looking at Christmas 2018… 🙂

Image credit: Megan Lewis

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