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9 Corporate Wellness Gifts That Your Co-Workers And Employees Will Love

9 Corporate Wellness Gifts That Your Co-Workers And Employees Will Love

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees

As if trying to find the perfect gift for your friends and family members wasn’t hard enough, now you’ve been tasked with pleasing hundreds of your colleagues this holiday season. Zeel to the rescue! Here is our our very first, wellness-centric holiday gift-giving guide to keep your office happy, healthy, and productive. Corporate America, you’re welcome. Here’s to a #zeelgood winter. (We promise, Keto eggnog did not make the list.)

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Zeel at Work Georgie Cobbs

  1. Zeel @ Work In-Office Chair Massage

Everyone loves an office perk. Imagine how much more productive your employees would be if they had a chance to relax during their hectic work day. By offering corporate massage to your employees, you’re proving to them that you care, and that they are valued and appreciated. Massage therapists—all licensed and fully vetted by the Zeel team—travel to your office and offer in- office chair massages for the neck, back and arms for 5-20 minutes. Increased employee morale equals a win-win during the chaotic holiday times. Plus, now Zeel offers online booking for same-day massages to the office. Go ahead, be the office hero. Image credit: Georgie Cobbs

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Food52 Soma Glass Water Bottle

  1. Glass Water Bottle by Soma

We all need to stay hydrated. And there’s no reason we can’t do it in style. The shatter-resistant Soma Glass Water Bottle comes in a soft silicone sleeve available in several saturated hues with a leak-proof bamboo cap. (You can even customize them with your brand’s logo.) And the best part? For every Soma Glass Water Bottle purchased, a donation gets made to charity: water to support safe drinking water projects globally. Pardon the cliche but it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Image credit: Ty Mecham via Food 52

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Twig and Petal 9 to 5 Kit

  1. 9-5 Kit by Twig + Petal

Immunity Boost, Headache Relief, Digestion Ease, Energy Boost, and De-stress. Who couldn’t use all of those at any given time from 9-5 on a weekday? It’s Twig + Petal’s Essential Oils 9-5 Kit to get you and your co-workers through the workday. They’re handcrafted in small batches using 100% pure ingredients sourced from wild plants around the world. And with the brand’s eco-friendly and biodynamic farming practices and fair labor policies, you can feel as good about giving these easy-to-apply rollers as you can using them. Image credit: Twig + Petal

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Sugarfina Green Juice Bears

  1. 7-day Gummy Bear Cleanse by Sugarfina

While your co-workers are bragging about the latest cold-pressed juice cleanse they’re trying, be a hero with this gummy bear “cleanse” instead. A collab between Sugarfine and Pressed Juicery, these fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO bears are all natural and made with apple, lemon, ginger, and greens, providing 20% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamins C & A. Being fit has never been this sweet. Image credit: Sugarfina

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Uniqfind MacBook Vanilla Skin

  1. Vanilla Marble MacBook Skin + Case from Uniqfind

Your stylish co-workers deserve to set their MacBook apart. And the Vanilla Marble Skin cover will get them there. It’s warm white and brown tones evoke the same cozy feelings that actual vanilla does. Plus it got rave reviews for quality and ease of application. Image credit: Uniqfind

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees One Hope Wine Glitter Gold Sparkling Brut copy

  1. California Brut Sparkling Wine Gold Glitter Edition from OneHope

This bubbly boasts fruity notes of peach, berries and pear, and exudes “aromas of fresh green apple and nectarine with a hint of fresh baked bread,” according to the winery, whose sales support a wide slate of important causes. Not only will this glittery sparkling wine light up the room, but every bottle purchased also buys 5 meals for a child in need. Let’s all cheers to that. Image credit: OneHope

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Dr Bronners Lavender Hand Sanitizer

  1. Lavender Hand Sanitizer by Dr. Bronner’s

Made with organic and fair trade ingredients, the Lavender Hand Sanitizer by Dr. Bronner’s is a great gift for keeping the workplace germ free. Lavender is known to relieve stress and induce relaxation, so the hand sanitizer can also be used as a soothing room freshener, deodorant and for general aromatherapy. Dr. Bronner’s uses a multitude of sustainable practices and helps fund a number of worthy causes including the humane treatment of animals. Image credit: Dr. Bronner’s  

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers And Employees Papier Yoga Planner

  1. Yoga Ladies Planner from Papier

Brooklyn-based artist Danielle Kroll draws inspiration from her own experiences to create playful products that make your life that much easier. The Yoga Ladies Planner is just the gift for the colleague who needs a little friendly help keeping on track (literally—you can personalize them). If you’re feeling extra gifty this year, there’s stationery and a fitness journal with the same postures. Image credit: Papier

Corporate Wellness Gifts For Co-Workers and Employees Owls Brew

  1. Watermelon Margarita by Owl’s Brew

You’ll be the star of Happy Hour with these healthier-minded cocktail mixers by Owl’s Brew—mixers that are brewed in small batches using organic tea and botanicals. The Watermelon Margarita blends freshly brewed white tea, pomegranate and lemon peel, agave, watermelon juice, lemon and lime juice, and raspberry juice for a refreshing addition to your favorite tequila, gin, vodka or champagne. Image credit: Owl’s Brew via In The Pursuit

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