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8 Ways to Savor Your Last Day of Vacation at Home

8 Ways to Savor Your Last Day of Vacation at Home

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The Sunday Scaries are kind of a joke – but not really. Transitioning back into the workweek can be especially difficult if you haven’t taken the time to relax and unwind.  And it’s even worse on the last day of a three day weekend, like Presidents’ Day Weekend. Here are tips to help you decompress on your last day of vacation and feel fully prepared to re-enter the working world.

1. Sleep

Sleep is simple, but so easy to overlook. According to the American Sleep Association, 35% of adults report sleeping less than seven hours a night. And chronic lack of sleep can cause everything from high blood pressure to forgetfulness, weight gain, and puffy skin.

Dedicate your last day before work o recharge and get some truly deep sleep. There are all kinds of simple steps you can take to get a restful night’s sleep, including avoiding eating before bedtime or turning off your devices. Switching those electronics off will also help you focus on the great scenery (and people) in front of you before you catch some z’s.

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2. Do laundry

There’s little worse than returning home from vacation with no food in the fridge and a pile of dirty clothes. You can fix at least one of those problems by doing laundry before you come back to reality. Granted, it’s not a particularly notable way to spend your last day of vacation — but when you have to hit the ground running the next day, having clean underwear will be a good start.

3. Get a massage

Imagine feeling deeply relaxed, calm, and at peace the day before you have to face the real world again. Getting an on-demand massage is the perfect way to release any remaining tension on Sunday (or Monday, in the case of long weekends).

Zeel offers same-day on-demand massages in 75+ cities, for individuals and couples. Whether you’re looking for a deep tissue massage, Swedish, or even a sleep massage, pure relaxation is just a tap away. Phew.

4. Meditate

Spend your last moments of free time taking care of your mind as much as you’d care for your body. You can spend five minutes or 50 minutes meditating, but the amount of time isn’t as important as the act of taking pause. Meditation has been scientifically found to reduce anxiety and distractions — one of the reasons you love weekends in the first place.

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5. Take a deep breath

Taking deep breaths that reach the depth of your belly have age-old and gratifying roots. Studies have shown that deep breathing can relax your muscles, lower blood pressure, and release endorphins. Not only is mindful breathing a free activity, but it’s something you can focus on throughout the day to make your last day before work relaxing, fun, and positive.

6. Under schedule

On your last day, aim to under schedule instead. Pick one activity you want to do, and build some leisure and wandering around it. Stop to smell the flowers, snap pictures, and have quality conversations with your loved one or travel buddies. It’s those small moments that end up the most precious.

7. Take a stroll

Stretch those legs before you have to return to that 9-5. Regular walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your mood, and even strengthen your bones and muscles. Win-win-win.

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8. Splurge on something special

Tickets to a concert. A VIP pass to your favorite amusement park. Pricey steak and wine at an upscale restaurant. A 90-minute in home massage. Save the best for last.

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