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Your Complete How-To Guide for the Most Popular Home Recovery Tools

Your Complete How-To Guide for the Most Popular Home Recovery Tools

An athlete using the Hypervolt 2 percussion massage device by Hyperice to help them with their home recovery after training.

The Hyperice suite of products are designed to provide everything you need for relieving tension, calming sore muscles, unlocking stiffness, and priming your body for peak performance—all in the comfort of home.

These high-tech super-tools are used by the world’s top athletes, and are available to you every day in the Zeel Store! But you’re not alone if you’re looking at these guns, boots, rollers, and spheres wondering “…but how the heck do I use them?”

We’ve got you. This is the ultimate video playlist of tips, tricks, and tutorials for mastering the use of your Hyperice tools. Whether you prefer percussion therapy, dynamic compression, vibration, or heat/cold contrast—or aren’t even sure which is right for you—here’s everything you need to know to make your home recovery technology work best for you.

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Hypervolt // Hyperice X // Normatec System // Vyper Roller // Hypersphere

The Hypervolt Collection

Percussion Therapy

Best for: Stretch Support, Warmup, Recovery

Bounce back from the impacts of sport and life with Hyperice’s most famous (and beloved) device. With a range of options from the sleek and lightweight Hypervolt GO to the elite-grade Hypervolt 2 Pro, this device promotes circulation, accelerates warmup and recovery, and relieves stiff, sore muscles. Plus, built-in HyperSmart™ technology connects any Hypervolt device seamlessly to the Hyperice App, unlocking dozens of real-time, guided routines for any type of warmup or recovery.

Alleviate back pain with Hypervolt
Reduce leg fatigue with Hypervolt
Improve your golf swing with Hypervolt GO
Complete Hypervolt GO warmup routine
Official NBA courtside recovery routine with Hypervolt

Hyperice X

Contrast Therapy (Knee)

Best for: Recovery, Inflammation Reduction

This innovative knee wrap delivers hot/cold therapy on demand, holding at a consistent temperature for as long as you need it, or automatically switching between hot and cold—nearly instant and totally wireless. Set it and forget it with app-connected recovery programs, or manually control your settings.

All about the Hyperice X
Behind the Hyperice X’s groundbreaking technology
Design your own hot/cold sequence in offline mode

Normatec System

Dynamic Air Compression

Best for: Full-Leg Recovery, Inflammation Reduction

Warm up quickly, recover faster, and feel fully revived with a restorative, full-leg massage. Previously found exclusively in advanced PT clinics, it’s the most powerful home recovery tool available—there’s nothing better for soothing runners’ sore legs!

How to use the Normatec 2.0 leg recovery system
Behind Normatec’s dynamic compression technology



Best for: Warmup, Recovery, Portability

This hot rod of foam rollers is one of the most efficient ways to loosen fascia in the legs, glutes, back, and hips. Multiple levels of high-intensity vibration massage away tension and loosen up muscles—plus, it’s available in a standard size and in a hyper-portable, gym bag-friendly version in the Vyper GO.

[PLAYLIST] Vyper for quads, IT band, pecs, low back, lats, glutes, and more:

Daily warmup routine with the Vyper GO



Best for: Warmup, Recovery, Portability

Easily the most convenient (and yes, the cutest) vibration recovery tool, the Hypersphere excels at pinpointing targeted areas in need of relief. Roll out knots, relax away tension, and take it with you everywhere in two conveniently compact sizes.

[PLAYLIST] Hypersphere for hips, glutes, feet, abductors, calves, and more:

Daily maintenance routine with the Hypersphere Mini

Explore all the Hyperice options in the Zeel Store to find the best high-tech recovery and warmup tools for you (or someone you love)!

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