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Ways to Enjoy the Long Memorial Day Weekend

Ways to Enjoy the Long Memorial Day Weekend

Lookout point has an American flag flying on a calm day at the beach.

With Memorial Day Weekend and summer season officially on, it’s time to take out your sandals and shorts out of the closet and start planning how to make the best out of your free time. Here are our recommendations for an unforgettable long weekend.

Unplug mentally

Sometimes all we need in life isn’t more social activities but to spend all weekend catching up on ourselves. Take the morning off and sleep in for once – your body will thank you for helping it catch up on some much-needed Z’s.


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Host a barbecue for your loved ones

Gather your closest friends and family over this weekend for some delicious food, but use a Blue Apron-esque meal delivery service to make it easy on yourself. Some companies will allow you to customize the ultimate dinner to suit the number of people attending your barbecue as well as your guests’ dietary restrictions. Depending on your menu for the night, be sure to pair the meal with the right wine. Elevate the ambiance of your yard by hanging some simple fairy string lights – it’ll be the perfect backdrop for night time photos.

Take advantage of Memorial Day sales

Tradition holds that you should only wear white shoes between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day. So if you’re looking to purchase a new pair of white shoes or open-toed sandals for the occasion, this weekend is the perfect time to. Many stores and online retailers are offering discounts for anyone looking into vamping their wardrobe or home this summer.

Appreciate art and music

Help ring in the unofficial start of the summer with music festivals, concerts and other events this memorial day weekend. With the extra day to recuperate, music lovers can take advantage of the long weekend by seeing some of their favorite artists at festivals nationwide like Bayou Country Superfest, BottleRock Festival, and the Outlaw Music Festival.

Catch up and support local artists in your community by checking on art festivals happening this weekend in your neighborhood. You might get lucky and find an original painting worth quite a steal later in life.



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