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5 Ways to Bring Corporate Wellness to Your Workplace

5 Ways to Bring Corporate Wellness to Your Workplace

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There’s no denying that employee wellness programs are a boon for both company and employee. As a study run by the World Health Organization (WHO) found, these initiatives can reduce healthcare costs by 26% and absenteeism by 27%.

Between 18-20 June 2018 The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society, will be holding their annual HR conference in Chicago, and Zeel will be there to explain the benefits of corporate massage in the workplace.

If you or a company representative will be attending, be sure to stop by booths 4033 and 4034 for your complimentary Zeel massage and to speak to a member of our corporate wellness team to find out how you can bring employee wellness to your office because companies with a strong culture of wellness enhance productivity and preserve a healthy bottom line.

1. Provide in-office massages

Who wouldn’t want to take a break from crunching numbers or organizing their Outlook calendar for a massage? This popular perk increases employees’ feeling good. And massage has benefits beyond relaxation. Even a short massage increases serotonin, boosts immune systems, alleviates pain and stress and improves sleep.

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2. Offer ergonomic workstations

Ergonomic workstations are highly beneficial to both employee and employer. Designed to maximize comfort, safety, and efficiency, these stations limit the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that often result from cramped and uncomfortable spaces. They’re also surprisingly cost-effective; companies regularly work with furniture vendors to secure these items for a reduced rate.

3. Permit flexible work schedules

A welcome benefit, flexible schedules allow individuals to have agency over their time. In turn, this leads to a healthier work-life balance. Employees are able to carve out their day (or week) as they see fit. This ensures that they can tend to both their professional and personal needs without affecting the company’s bottom line.

4. Allow for stretch breaks

Let’s face it – office life can be fairly sedentary. It’s easy to get stuck in the same position for hours on end. And that can actually put undue stress on the body. To combat this, incorporate stretch breaks into the daily routine. This will help get the blood flowing, mitigate tension, and allow employees to get in tune with their bodies.

5. Chip in for gym memberships

Exercise reduces stress and boosts energy – so it makes sense to encourage employees to hit the gym.  As an added bonus, it’s one of the most popular benefits for employees of all industries.

There are a myriad of wellness programs from which to choose. Of course, regardless of size, budget, etc., it’s vital to select ones that align with the company culture. Activities that excite and motivate will lead to happier and healthier employees. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?


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