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7 NFL Players Who Stand by Zeel’s Sports Massage

7 NFL Players Who Stand by Zeel’s Sports Massage

NFL Players who get Zeel sports massages

Sports massages aren’t just for pro athletes. But pro athletes sure do love their massages — and quite a few NFL football players have shared their love of Zeel.

There’s a good reason athletes love sport massages. A sports massage combines techniques from deep tissue massage with assisted stretching methods, intended to prevent injury and promote flexibility among athletes.

Just think about all the wear and tear an athlete’s body goes through (especially after 16 consecutive weeks of gridiron battle). A sports massage is not just for enjoyment and relaxation after a big game. It’s crucial for preventative wellness and maintenance, assisting players with their ability to bounce back after a painful match.

The key benefits of sports massage:

    • Increased flexibility and range of motion
    • Decreased fatigue during and after athletic activity
    • Fewer sports-related injuries
    • Improved endurance
    • Overall preparedness for the body and mind before the event
    • Injury recovery after the event

Whether you’re a professional athlete, an avid runner or cyclist, or are part of a weekly rec league for basketball, kickball, or baseball with your coworkers, taking care of your body should be a top priority. Sports massages are also advantageous when training for a big race, to help prevent pulled muscles and cramping.

Whatever your sport of choice may be, you can tell your Massage Therapist through our mobile app (or in-person) if you have a game-related injury or a particular muscle group that needs focus. They can cater the sports massage to your physical needs.

More and more athletes are turning to Zeel for sports massages delivered to their homes or hotel rooms on a regular basis.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the NFL’s finest who are fans of Zeel’s in-home sports massage service.

“Thank you to my wonderful massage therapist from @getzeel … it’s a great app. Massages come to you wherever you are!”
  –Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks Cornerback

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks enjoying a Zeel sports massage in-home

“Post workout recovery. In-home sports massage from Zeel.”
  –Matthew Judon, Baltimore Ravens Linebacker

Post workout recovery. In home #sportsmassage from @GetZeel. #massage

A post shared by Matthew Judon (@man_dammn9) on

“Recovering at home with an in home massage from Zeel.”
  –Andrew Adams, New York Giants Safety

New York Giants safety Andrew Adams enjoys a Zeel Massage at his home

“Zeel is clutch.”
  –Lamar Miller, Houston Texans Running Back

Houston Texans running back Lamar Miller gets a Zeel in-home sports massage

“Taking care of my body on off days is essential. I like to use @getzeel when I’m doing my recovery.”
  –Jermaine Kearse, New York Jets Wide Receiver

“Massage time!! Thanks to @getzeel #getyourMassageWithZeel!” 

— Sammie Coates, Houston Texas Wide Reciever

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