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Zack is a writer, producer and marketer with 10+ years' experience in the advertising, nonprofit and tech startup industries. He is currently the Education Production Team Lead at Foundr Magazine, a web site for entrepreneurship education and was previously Content Manager at Zeel. Learn more about Zack on LinkedIn.

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From Swedish to Shiatsu, How to Prepare for Any Type of Massage at Home

Getting your first massage at home? Or simply want to enhance the experience? We break down how to prepare for each in-home massage technique to maximize enjoyment.

Savannah, Georgia is now home to Zeel in-home massage
Historic Savannah Homes Now Home to Zeel’s In-Home Massages

The Massage On Demand® company launches in-home massage services and monthly massage membership in Savannah, Georgia.

Zeel happiest cities
The Happiest, Most Massage-Friendly Cities in America

National Geographic’s happiest cities in the U.S. happen to be places in which Zeel delivers in-home massages on-demand. Coincidence? We think not.

How NYC's massage therapists de-stress and unwind
How to De-Stress in NYC, According to New York Massage Therapists

New York City can be a stressful place. We asked a few professional providers of relaxation what they recommend for unwinding in the big city.

Cacti in Tucson Arizona
Zeel Arrives in Tucson! Massage App Expands Across Arizona

Sunsets and in-home massages go together like deserts and cacti. Zeel is thrilled to announce an expansion to sunny Tucson, Arizona.

Stay active this fall in America's most walkable cities
The Most Walkable Cities in America for Staying Fit This Fall

It’s easy to stay active this autumn, especially if you live in one of these highly walkable cities.

Making the most of your Zeel massage membership this fall
15 Ways to Make the Most of Your Massage Membership this Fall

Monthly massage membership has countless benefits. Here, we count 15 of them, so you can make the most of your massage subscription this fall season.

Zeel at the Tone It Up Tour
Zeel Hits the Tone It Up Tour Trail with TIU’s Karena and Katrina

Let the Tone It Up Tour begin! Zeel is excited to hit the road with Karena and Katrina to provide massages to TIU fans across the nation.

Zeel promo code
The Only Zeel Promo Code You’ll Ever Need

We don’t want you to have to dig through shady coupon sites to find a Zeel promo code. Use this code for $20 off your first Zeel in-home massage.