Marcy Lerner

Marcy is the SVP of People and Communications at Zeel. In addition to overseeing the humans of Zeel, Marcy has written about workplace topics for more than 20 years both at Zeel and as VP of Content for, a career information web site and publisher.

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A man checking his blood pressure to see if he's experiencing hypertension.
Leave Hypertension Off the Holiday Agenda

What is  Hypertension? The holidays will look different in 2020 than in many previous years.…

A woman facing digestive issues makes a heart shape over her stomach.
Gut Feelings: Causes and Remedies for Digestive Distress

Digestion seems, to the layperson who does not spend much time thinking about their innards,…

A close-up of orange leaves to signify the Fall season and Thanksgiving.
A Very Different Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving, our focus was on the best way to roast turkey and navigating extended…

A man sitting at his desk listening to music to relax and ease his pain.
Is “Mind Over Matter” Real? 3 Mindful Approaches to Reducing Pain

You’ve probably heard the phrase “mind over matter.” As it turns out, it’s not just…

A woman standing outside in athletic wear.
The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Massage

We’ve often heard from Zeel customers that they wish they could get a massage every…

Workplace Wellness in the Office Post-COVID
How Daicel is Bringing Wellness Back to Work, Along with Their Employees

The trip back to the office has been slow but steady. While some companies remain primarily…

A mother sitting down at her computer while her children play behind her.
Adjusting to an Abnormal “New Normal”

So school is back in session…sort of. We’re going back to the office…or maybe not.…

An older woman holding her wrist due to her arthritis pain.
How to Relieve Arthritis Pain with Massage

What is Arthritis? Arthritis is not just one condition – it is an umbrella term…

Woman gets scalp massage on table
Five Benefits of Scalp Massage

Five important benefits of scalp massage, and how you can get these remarkable benefits in 15 minutes.