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Marcy is the SVP of People and Communications at Zeel. In addition to overseeing the humans of Zeel, Marcy has written about workplace topics for more than 20 years both at Zeel and as VP of Content for, a career information web site and publisher.

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Zeel is in New Jersey
Zeel is in New Jersey!

Why should New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles and Southern California have all the fun? Zeel’s Massage On Demand® is now available in the Garden State.

Foldable massage tables make moving easy and stress-free.
How To Pack and Move Your Massage Essentials

Learn how to pack and store your massage table and other massage supplies for a move.

Schedule booked to the nines? Pencil in your next Zeel massage up to one month in advance!
Type A-Planners Now Welcome: Zeel now offers booking up to a month in advance

The Zeel app and website now allows you to select a date up to a month in advance.

Zeel on CBS 'The Talk'
Zeel on The Talk

Can we talk? Apparently so! On February 9th, Zeel was featured as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift on CBS’s The Talk.

Key tips for the most successful surprise Zeel massage!
Giving a Surprise Zeel Massage: Dos and Donts

Zeel makes a great gift, so it’s probably not surprising that we’re often asked to book a surprise Zeel Massage session, whether that’s chair massage for a bridal party, or a well-deserved deep tissue in-home massage for someone who’s been having a tough week.

Good Morning America correspondent Sara Haines enjoys her first Zeel massage on camera for ABC!
Good Morning, Zeel! Zeel on Good Morning America

Check out Zeel on Good Morning America!

Woman relaxes into the massage table as she receives a quality Zeel massage in the comfort of her own home.
Got a Muscle Ache You Can’t Shake? Get a Massage and Take a Break

There are many causes of muscle aches and pains, like overuse, injury, or just the wear and tear of everyday life. But muscle pain isn’t something you just have to live with. There are several remedies for sore muscles, and they’re not as tough to find as you might think.

Don't let the stress of work overwhelm you!
De-stress at the office (even without Zeel)

Just because the sun is shining, the barbecue is grilling and the fireworks are sparkling, it doesn’t mean that the stress level at work is lower. Here’s how to unwind at work, even without Zeel Massage.

Runny noses post-massage are completely normal and healthy.
Ask a Zeel Massage Therapist: Why Does My Nose Run After a Massage?

Have questions about massage? Ask a Zeel Massage Therapist.  We turned to Karina, one of…