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Chase Hill is a Social Media Coordinator for Verizon Media. Previously he was the Social Media Manager at Zeel, LittleThings and the New York Daily News. Connect with Chase on LinkedIn.

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energy balls
RECIPE: Energy Balls with Apples and Spices

These energy balls are easy to make and ready in no time. Loaded with yummy organic apple sauce and a variety of spices, our energy balls are perfect for snacking. Kids and adults alike will love these energy balls. Store in the fridge in a baggy or container then grab when you’re on-the-go and ready to snack.

5 Fall Drink Ideas The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Grab one of these fall drinks, light the fire and cozy up with the fam on a crisp fall evening. From a yummy mocktail Moscow Mule to warm Almond Milk Chai Lattes, these fall drink ideas include something the entire family can enjoy.

Green Wake Up Smoothie
Zeel Tries: Green Wake Up Smoothie

This green wake up smoothie will help you forget about that morning breakfast rush! This recipe is perfect for busy parents looking for a healthy breakfast option for the kids or as a great food prep idea for someone planning their morning meals for the week.

National Read A Book Day: 4 Wellness Books You Need To Read

National Read a Book Day is here! It’s a great opportunity to pick up that book you bought at the beginning of the summer that was never cracked open. If you’re looking for something fresh these wellness-themed books might be right for you.

Labor Day Cocktails
Labor Day Cocktails: 5 Refreshing Holiday Drinks

Labor Day weekend is here and we’re ready to relax and kick back with some refreshing Labor Day cocktails! We’ve discussed the do’s and don’ts of mixing alcohol and massage, so as long as you’re being responsible, enjoy yourself this Labor Day weekend and quench your thirst with one of these go-to cocktail recipes.

Massage as a Means to Recovery, Not Indulgence

Do you think of massage as a means to recovery or as an indulgence? Join us as we debunk some major massage myths and dive into leading scientific research about the long-term benefits of massage.

national relaxation day
5 Ways to Celebrate National Relaxation Day 2018

Happy National Relaxation Day! We all know we need more than one day a year to relax, but hey – we’ll take today and relax as much as possible. Even if you aren’t able to participate in National Relaxation Day on the actual day. These helpful (and relaxing) activity ideas are sure to help you wind down.

5 Beautiful Places to Get a Massage This Summer

There are so many beautiful places around the country to get a massage. What makes summer so special for us at Zeel is the fact that we can bring wellness and relaxation to you in your outdoor space or at your hotel when you’re in the thick of your summer traveling. You don’t have to be at home to enjoy a Zeel massage.

charles chen health and welless blogger
Tips For Staying Healthy When You Travel

Staying healthy while you travel can be difficult at times. Charles Chen has a few simple ways for you stay healthy while you’re traveling. From staying hydrated to getting a Zeel massage at your hotel, Airbnb or vacation home, these simple tips will help you stay healthy while you travel- for work or for pleasure.