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5 Beautiful Places to Get a Massage This Summer

5 Beautiful Places to Get a Massage This Summer

Happy summer, everyone! What makes summer so special for us at Zeel is the fact that we can bring wellness and relaxation to you in your outdoor space or at your hotel when you’re in the thick of your summer traveling. There are so many beautiful places to get a massage! Do you have a beautiful outdoor space perfect for some relaxing “me time?” Taking a quick summer trip and don’t want to leave the comfort of your hotel room? Zeel has you covered. Whether it’s an in-home massage session or a hotel visit, Zeel can be to your door in as little as an hour.

Check out a few places that are perfect locations for your next summertime relaxation session.

5 beautiful places to get a massage

1. Southern California

Whether it’s a beachfront deep tissue session or a relaxing sleep massage near the coast, Zeel is ready to bring wellness to you all over Southern California. We’re even at the AKA Beverly Hills! The next time you travel to Cali, you’ve got to check them out!

2. New York City

Just because you’re visiting the City That Never Sleeps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be relaxing! We’ve already talked about some sweet hidden gems you’ve got to visit in NYC, but where can you get your Zeel massage? We cover the tri-state area, so getting to you won’t be difficult, but one spot does jump out at us: The James hotel. I mean, who wouldn’t want to relax at place that looks like this! If you’re staying at The James, order up a Zeel massage and we’ll be knocking on your door in no time.

3. Miami

From South Beach to Wynwood and Brickell to Coral Gables, Zeel is all up in that Miami relaxation action! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you Fort Lauderdale — we can be to your door in as little as an hour. If you’re staying at the beach in one of those fabulous hotels, wellness is just a tap away. Book a massage to your hotel room in just a few minutes and relaxation is on the way!

4. Washington D.C.

If you thought walking around NYC was a workout, try exploring the wide open lawns and malls of the Nation’s capital. Washington D.C. has a lot to offer by way of educational museums and art exhibits, statues, and memorials, plus free zoo entry! When you’re back from the day’s outing. Check into the Rosewood hotel for a cool dip in the rooftop pool and then order up a Zeel massage to your hotel room. Staying in an Airbnb? We’ll ring that doorbell too!

5. Denver

With gorgeous scenery everywhere you turn in Denver, there are many places to get a massage. Open up the back door and enjoy a 60 or 90 minute massage session in your backyard or stop by The Devil’s Thumb resort and you’ll be treated to not only a massage perfect for de-stressing but also the amazing and awe-inspiring landscape that the great state of Colorado has to offer. Someone take us to Denver!

Now get out there and don’t forget to relax after a long day of exploration. It’s easy to book a massage whether you’re on or off the road, just click the button below to get started. Happy travels!

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