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Tips For Staying Healthy When You Travel

Tips For Staying Healthy When You Travel

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Traveling can take its toll on your body and mental health, especially when you’re jetting off from one place to the next weekly or even monthly. We’ve touched on getting the best sleep you can when you’re traveling for work, but our friend Charles Chen, a health and wellness expert, has provided a few extra tips for staying healthy when you travel- for work or for pleasure! Check out the tips and fun video below.

Tips For Staying Healthy When You Travel:

1. Pack the probiotics

Staying healthy when you travel can be difficult. Probiotics can help! There are tons of benefits of taking probiotics. From restoring good bacteria in your gut and helping to build up your immune system to mental health relief, there are many reasons for you to pack away a bottle when you travel. If you don’t have the time or room in your bag, stop by a local pharmacy or supplement store when you arrive at your destination. Believe us, you’re body will thank you!

2. Get a Zeel massage

Whether you’re at your favorite hotel or a more personal space like an Airbnb, you can book a Zeel massage to your home, hotel room or Airbnb and have a licensed massage therapist at your door in as little as an hour. No need to drive to and from your appointment, we come to you! We’ll even bring the table, sheets and music- everything you might need to get the most relaxation possible during your session. Long flights can be exhausting, a Zeel massage will melt away your post-plane pains.

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3. Stay active

If you’re stuck in meetings during a business trip or have a jam-packed day with family, find some me-time to do some yoga or stretching. Plan activities during your trip like a hike or visit a local gym and take a quick class. Staying active is the key to keeping up your energy throughout a day of sightseeing or exploring. If you have a routine when you’re at home, try to stick to it as best you can so it’s not as difficult to return home and jump back into your wellness routine.

4. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of good quality water. If you’re traveling abroad, bottled water might be the best choice. Coconut juice or water is also a great way to stay hydrated. Water helps improve your cardiovascular health, which is great if you’re a super active traveler who is walking or hiking a lot during their vacation. Being well hydrated also helps your joints and muscles work better. Plus, it’s a super cheap beverage and won’t break your travel bank.

For more ideas from Charles Chen, watch the video below:

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