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Sleep Massage by the Numbers

Sleep Massage by the Numbers

Zeel's sleepiest cities

March is a great time to think about getting better sleep – for one, the daylight savings changes can throw off internal clocks. Second, Sleep Awareness Week starts on March 2 in 2018. In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, we took a look at our most sleepless customers – people who’ve booked a sleep massage in the past year.

Some of our findings:

The city most focused on sleep?  Portland, Oregon.

Most popular day for sleep massages (or is that night for sleep massage?)  Wednesday. (Talk about trying to get through the workweek!)

The most popular month for sleep massages?  No, it’s not March – it’s July.  More sun = less sleep?

See the top 25 most sleepless cities and more.

zeel's top sleepy cities

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