Getting Sleep During Daylight Savings Time

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Sleep is one of our most beloved treasures in life. That is why March can be so cruel, tearing away one precious hour of slumber with Daylight Savings Time every March.

While the extra hour of sun might be some consolation, it’s also likely to wreck your internal clock – which is heavily dependent on sunlight. As it turns out, sunlight suppresses your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleepiness.

How can you make sure you get your beauty sleep this Sunday – and be fresh as a daisy Monday morning?

  • Go to bed an hour earlier.  If possible, start before Sunday, so your body is used to earlier resting times.  Just go to sleep a little earlier each evening, to ease yourself into the weird world of getting to sleep before midnight.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or eat fatty foods right before bedtime. Both can disrupt sleep.  It should probably go without saying that you should skip caffeine before night-night time as well. Caffeine can throw off your internal clock in a big way.
  • Sprinkle lavender oil on your pillow. Lavender scent can help you relax and ease anxiety. Other scents that promote sleep include vanilla, rose, and jasmine, if you’re not a fan of lavender.
  • Get a sleep massage from Zeel. The magic bullet for sleep, the  sleep massage is specially designed to promote better-quality rest.  Sleeps massages include a combination of relaxation techniques that include long, gentle strokes and reflexology, all designed to send you to slumberland.
  • Exercise during the late afternoon or evening. According to the Sleep Foundation, exercise can help induce sleep at night.
  • Control the light. That means a few things. Blue light, like the light emitted by cellphones, televisions, and laptops, can disrupt brainwave patterns, leading to interrupted sleep. And, of course, bright light (like, for example, daylight) streaming through your windows in the morning is sure to wake you up. Invest in some good blackout curtains – you’ll sleep better year-round.

How much do you know about sleep?  Take the Zeel Sleep Quiz!

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