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Lose Weight and Belly Fat with Massage

Are you getting ready for the summer and the season of shorts and bathing suits? Are you thinking about how you can lose weight quickly?  You no doubt know the basics – eat clean and exercise. But did you know that there are additional weight loss methods that work?

One great way to lose weight is through massage. A regular schedule of massage can help you shed unwanted body fat – and there’s no time to start like the present.

Here’s how massage can help you lose weight: by reducing cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that directly affects the way the body stores fat. When you have high levels of cortisol in your body, your body is more likely to store fat in your abdominal area. Excess stomach fat, aside from throwing  off the sleek lines of your swimsuit or tux, has been linked to high “bad” cholesterol, depressed immune and thyroid function, and heart disease.

To top it off, cortisol increases appetite. If you’ve heard of stress eating, the hormone cortisol is the culprit. When you’re under stress, you naturally crave sweet and fatty foods – thus gaining weight.

The key is to reduce cortisol in the body. That’s where massage comes in. A study published in The New York Times found that both deep tissue and light Swedish massage lowered levels of stress hormones, like cortisol. Keeping your cortisol and stress levels low is key to weight loss, and massage is one great method.

We know it can be hard to fit massage into your busy schedule (that’s why Zeel is on demand). But if your goal is to lose weight, make time for massage.

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