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Express Your Gratitude to Your Employees for Their Hard Work

Express Your Gratitude to Your Employees for Their Hard Work

Peggy and Don exchange words in the popular Mad Men Episode, "The Suitcase".

In the famous Mad Men episode The Suitcase, when go-getter Peggy tearfully asked her boss, Don, to say “Thank you” once in a while, Don refused. “That’s what the money’s for!” exclaimed Don.

The fictional Don Draper may have many good qualities, but personnel management is not one of them. Don’t be like Don Draper. Make sure to thank and appreciate your employees for their hard work. After all, Peggy got Don the Cleo!

Here are some ideas from Zeel, the Massage On Demand company, that are sure to make your employees feel happy and appreciated.


This can be anything from a catered lunch, to a Friday snack assortment. Remember to get vegetarian and vegan options too.


Everyone loves t-shirts. Get snazzy new company t-shirts and give them out to your employees.

In-office pampering.

Book a Zeel Chair Massage session for employees in advance or at the last minute. Stress relief massage in the office is great. Or consider on-demand blowouts or manicures. Any kind of corporate massage wellness will enhance employee well-being.


Schedule a bowling trip, or even laser tag. For maximum employee appreciation, schedule this outing for work hours, so employees with inflexible evening schedules don’t need to miss the fun.


Take some advice from Peggy Olson – call out the accomplishments of your employees, both professional and personal. (Just married?  Ran a 10K? Closed a great deal?) Let the company know about employee triumphs.


Try a “take your dog to work day” – a few well-behaved office dogs put a smile on every employee’s face.

Remember, express your gratitude to your employees for their hard work – and everyone benefits.

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