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Thoughtful Ideas for Back to School Teacher Gifts

Thoughtful Ideas for Back to School Teacher Gifts

Gifts wrapped in kraft paper and packaged with striped twine bows are ready to be sent off for back-to-school gifts.

School is back in session, and that means teachers are hard at work.  It’s traditional to start the year off with a back-to-school gift for teachers – after all, they do one of the most important jobs in the world. If you want to thank your teacher for helping Madison and Aidan learn how to read/do calculus/get into college, here are some back to school gifts that make sense.

Go big

If you’re the organized type, harness the power of parents and go in together on a bigger present for back to school.  A Zeel Massage would make a wonderful gift for any teacher – a massage on demand at home in the afternoon would be a thoughtful after-school gift. Each parent can contribute as little as $25 toward the in-home Zeel Massage gift. Or chip in on a tablet, usable for both work and after-school activities.

Classroom essentials

These classroom essentials make great teacher presents.

Lip balm

All that talking can dry lips out!

Water bottle

Always appreciated – teaching is thirsty work, and it’s important to stay hydrated.  Also great for teachers who like to run or work out.

Classroom scarf or cardigan

Some classrooms can be very chilly. Teachers love gifts like scarves or sweaters.


If the room, on the other hand, is way too hot, a small portable fan is also welcome.

Other treats

Teachers aren’t always in the classroom, despite what their students think.  Here are some gifts that teachers will love when they’re not on the job.

A gift certificate to Amazon

Sure, it’s ostensibly for buying school supplies, but no one will know if a teacher buys the latest Margaret Atwood novel instead.

Ground coffee or tea

Teachers start the day early. The gift of caffeine will be treasured.

Baked goods

Brownies, cookies, banana bread, Rice Krispie Treats, you name it. Bake them yourself or be all Bad Moms and pick them up at the local supermarket. You might want to check to see if the teacher has any dietary restrictions first (gluten-free, no nuts, etc.) Skip the apples, unless you’re making apple pie. (Mmm… apple pie.)

(If you’ve been a slacker and you feel that it’s already too late to get a back to school gift, you’re wrong. In fact, your gift will be even more welcome because it doesn’t arrive with all the other gifts. Plus, you’ll have had a week or two to get to know your child’s teachers a bit better.  Remember, presents are always welcome!  And then again, there’s always holiday gifts for teachers,  if you want to wait a few months for any reason.)

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