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Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts that Will Show Your Staff You Care

Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts that Will Show Your Staff You Care

Teacher appreciation day 2018 gift ideas

Teacher Appreciation Day (May 8, 2018) is one of the best times to tip your hat to the hard-working educators at your school. Recognizing staff is critically important, so use these gift ideas to treat your teachers this year. After all, teaching can feel like a thankless job, but with gifts as good as these, your educators will know how much you care!

Teachers too need pampering

Between the lesson planning, grading, and all-around child-wrangling, teaching can certainly have its stressful moments. And according to a national poll, 61% of teachers are often or always stressed. For Teacher Appreciation Day, bring the good vibes and relaxation to them with an in-office chair massage. A Zeel in office chair massage benefits your staff in a variety of ways, everything from easing chronic neck and back pain to improving energy levels in the classroom. A corporate massage – also known as a seated chair massage – will leave them feeling rejuvenated and well cared for.


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So let your hard-working teachers kick back during their lunch or break periods as a licensed Zeel massage therapist helps relieve their stress. Zeel will bring everything to you, including chairs, tables, and any other equipment needed. And if you’re looking for a last-minute gift, a chair massage at work can be booked in less than 24 hours.

The lounge amenities matters

The teachers’ lounge can be a safe haven for teachers. It’s a place for them to collect their thoughts, take a much-needed break, and talk among their peers. For Teacher Appreciation Day this year, give the lounge a makeover. Replace the microwave with a newer model, buy a good coffee machine, or stock the fridge with soda and name-brand condiments.

Above all, make sure it’s something practical – a houseplant may look nice, but it may not have as big of an impact as quality coffee or a new couch. Give them the gift of comfort.

If a total renovation is too pricey, bring your teachers together and have them vote on what they want for their special day. They’ll be glad you cared enough to ask for their opinion. This will also help minimize your costs and give you insights on the priorities of your teachers. Who knows? It may help you find a gift for next year.

Mind and body wellness

When your educators are happy and healthy, they will be more effective and resilient in the classrooms. This year, make it a commitment to give them the tools for excellent mental and physical health.

Apps like Headspace helps create ideal conditions for meditation and mindfulness techniques that can help people improve their quality of sleep, remain calm, and keep balance in their lives. In 2018, Headspace started a new initiative specifically focused on the needs of teachers. This year, they’re giving away free Headspace subscriptions to educators working in the United States and the UK. For Teacher Appreciation Day, consider instituting a couple times each week for group teacher meditation with the help of Headspace.

When it comes to physical fitness, you could also give them opportunities to have fun and get in shape. This could be something as simple as a weekly exercise that’s hosted by the physical education department or you could subscribe to a service, which would give your educators access to a wide variety of fitness programs for all levels, including classics like P90X and Insanity.

A delicious thank you

When in doubt, food can be a great gift to give your educators for Teacher Appreciation Day. Maybe a celebratory breakfast in the morning before school? You can either set up in the teacher’s lounge or enlist the student council to deliver a fresh and tasty breakfast to the different classrooms.

Sweets and treats are another way you can indulge your staff. Have cake in the lounge or send each department their very own Chocolate Cravings Crate.

You could also spoil your teachers with a catered lunch or dinner. Depending on the size of your staff, consider taking your teachers to a banquet hall for a catered dinner. Let them dress up and spend the evening socializing with their peers instead of grading papers.

If a banquet dinner doesn’t work, there are also affordable lunch options, such as catered meals from Chipotle or Panera Bread. And nothing says thank you like a six-foot-long sandwich. Simply giving them an option beyond their everyday sack lunch or cafeteria food will leave them feeling appreciated by the administration.

Whatever you do, make it personal

When looking for the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, always start by considering the wants and needs of your educators. In many cases, individual notes, while potentially time-consuming, will leave a long-lasting impression. However, you decide to treat your staff, begin with the goal of making them feel special. Educators have one of the most – if not the very most – important jobs, and it’s important to take the time to communicate that with each of them.

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