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 Five Ideas for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

 Five Ideas for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

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March 3 is Employee Appreciation Day  Here are five fast, easy, and affordable ways to celebrate employees on Employee Appreciation Day. Increasing employee happiness and reducing stress doesn’t just boost morale, it’s a huge contributor toward the health and wellness of employees too.

Better office snacks

Upgrade office snacks. Spring for better grade coffee. Skip the stale pretzels, and consider healthy and delicious treats like fruit and nuts.

Dogs in the office

Send in the dogs. If pups aren’t normally allowed at the office, your employees are sure to appreciate a day full of adorable dogs in the office. You can even rent puppies for corporate events. Cats will have to be worshiped at home.

Flowers for employees

Say it with flowers. Why save the flowers for only special occasions? Bring armfuls of flowers to the office. Employees will appreciate a beautiful office bouquet – or consider getting live plants for your employees. Skip the cacti, though!

Chair massages

Massages always deliver. Zeel brings you the best corporate massageoffice chair massage at your workplace. Employees love massages at the office – not only does it feel good, but massages takes care of the workplace back pain caused by hunching over keyboards all day. Massages also improves mood and boosts the immune system – perfect for fighting those nasty office colds

New office furniture

Change your office furniture. If your office chairs are ratty, get new ones. Give employees standing desks – between standing desks and regular massages at work, you’ll solve most “tech neck” problems.

We hope these ideas for Employee Appreciation Day have been helpful. Enjoy the day!


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