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Happy Global Wellness Day! 7 Ways To Take Care of Yourself In and Out of the Workplace

Happy Global Wellness Day! 7 Ways To Take Care of Yourself In and Out of the Workplace

A woman taking a run for National Wellness Day.

Living a well-balanced and healthy life inside and outside of the office is a brand pillar we take very seriously at Zeel. When you work in an environment infused with movement, nutritious food, and balance—we make stronger, happier, and healthier leaders and teams.

When you take care of your body and mind outside of the office, it allows you to bring your A-game Monday through Friday.

Below, in honor of National Wellness Day, a look at some of our best tips for living a well-rounded life today, and every day of the year!

At home:

  1. Movement: 

Walk, run, exercise. Getting your heart rate up keeps your heart and mind in peak condition.

  1. Meditate: 

While meditation can feel intimidating at times, it’s never been easier with apps like Headspace and Calm.

  1. If you must scroll, keep it healthy : 

While the occasional unplug and digital detox is necessary in this day and age, there are times that you want to be connected. Follow accounts and brands that make you feel good, uplift, and inspire.

  1. Make your home a self-care sanctuary:

Turn your living room into a zen den with these interior tips.

In the office:

  1. Morale Boost:       

Schedule “Happy Hour” type events sans alcohol. Opt for team-based fitness classes, volunteering, and walking meeting to keep your team bonded, healthier, and happier.

  1. Workplace Wellness Program:   

Health screenings, nutrition information. Boost productivity and foster a healthy and loyal staff with these additional health benefits.

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