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Zeel Massage and Thrive Global Partner, Introduce Special Sleep Massage

Zeel Massage and Thrive Global Partner, Introduce Special Sleep Massage

A massage table with Zeel sheets and an iPad with a Thrive Global app loaded await a client.

At Zeel, we’ve made it our mission to see that everyone has access to the healing power of massage – in as little as an hour. That’s why Zeel is partnering with Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s groundbreaking new company, to introduce a specially-designed sleep massage, the Thrive Massage, by Zeel.

Thrive Massage by Zeel: A Sleep Massage

Zeel is partnering with Thrive Global to introduce the healing power of in home massages from Zeel – including our latest, a massage for a better night’s sleep, a sleep massage called the Thrive Massage.  The Thrive Massage, an in home massage, is designed to promote deep, restful sleep through a mixture of reflexology, Swedish massage and aromatherapy. Perfect for helping you drift off to sleep.

Why Thrive Global

Thrive Global was founded by Arianna Huffington, the creator of the Huffington Post, to address the problems she saw in modern society – sleeplessness and poor chronic health. Thrive Global’s goal is to help people prioritize their well-being, through a multi-pronged approach: corporate training, media, and e-commerce platforms. That’s where Zeel comes in.


Thrive Global Pop-Up Shop

In addition, if you’ll be in the New York City area, Zeel is featured in the Thrive Global Pop-Up store at 419 Broome – and as an added plus, you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary Zeel Massages while you visit.



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