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Choosing Between a Couples Massage and a Back-To-Back Massage

Choosing Between a Couples Massage and a Back-To-Back Massage

A couples massage from Zeel

Want to get a massage?  Are there two of you?  Getting a massage with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband can be a great experience. That said, it can be tough to figure out how to manage to get a massage for two people, especially for special occasions, like a Valentine’s Day massage, or for a long weekend, like Presidents’ Day.

First of all, your schedules may not match up for a massage. Second, you might not have time to plan a massage in advance.  Third, you might have small children in the house, making it difficult to find time for both of you to get a massage.

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward, easy, affordable, and even romantic solution to your massage problem – get a massage in your house.  An in-home massage, when you use an app like Zeel, can arrive in as little as an hour.

But did you know that there are two ways you can get a massage together?  Your two options are a couples massage and a back-to-back massage. Both are great choices with their own advantages.

Couples massage

The classic romantic massage for two.  A couples massage involves two massage therapists giving massages in the same room, at the same time.  You and your partner will lie on two separate massage tables, with your heads facing in the same direction.  The massage therapists will coordinate their arrival and departure time, and synchronize their movements where possible. This is truly a shared experience.  A couples massage can be great for people who are new to massage – it can be more comfortable getting a massage with a loved one nearby.

Plus, when you get a couples massage, you both benefit from shared feelings of relaxation, calm, and the release of oxytocin – the so-called bonding hormone. Love is literally in the air.

Back-to-back massage

A back-to-back massage is also a massage for two or more people. In a back-to-back massage, one home massage therapist will give each of you a massage, one after the other.  You can choose the order in which you would like to get a massage.

There are several reasons why you might want to get a  back-to-back massage instead of a couples massage. You and your partner might have different massage styles. Perhaps you like silence during your massage, and he likes to talk to the massage therapist. Maybe you like to listen to calming massage music, and she prefers to listen to CNN.  Neither massage style is right or wrong, but it can be distracting to hear your sweetheart chatting about lower back pain when you just want to relax and sleep.

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Benefits of in-home massage

Do you have small children in the house? Many Zeel customers schedule their massages at home when the kids are asleep. But perhaps your child is a night owl, or you need to have the massage when they are awake.  In cases like these, a  back-to-back massage is great.  One of you can care for the children, while the other one relaxes with a great mobile massage at home.

One final bonus only available with  Zeel massage membership – when you book a back-to-back massage, both you and your guest will receive your special massage member discount.

No matter what massage method you choose, it’s always easy to schedule and book on the Zeel massage app or online. The hardest part is choosing which massage you want.

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