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The Best Massage Music for Couples

The Best Massage Music for Couples

A pair of headphones plugged into a heart to represent massage music for couples to use on Valentine's Day.

A couples massage is a priceless shared experience – and a great part of a romantic evening.  In fact, booking a couples massage one of the most popular Valentine’s Day plans. And since an evening at home can be a great way to avoid stress and focus on each other, your ideal Valentine’s plans might include an in-home couples massage (save the champagne for after the massage.)

That said, setting up your own spa massage at home takes a bit of effort.  One of the requirements:  massage music for couples.

There are many kind of music tracks that work well for a massage, but a couples massage requires even more thought and coordination. We asked licensed massage therapists in the Zeel network to share the tracks they play for couples on Valentine’s Day during massages.

Chill and Dreamy

Norah Jones is a top massage music choice to soothe and relax. “I play Norah for stresssed-out moms and dads all the time,” reveals one therapist.

Smooth and Sexy

Several massage therapists cited Sade as a big favorite for couples.  “Sade is always perfect for any romantic occasion,” says a massage therapist. “I like to listen to Sade myself.”

Lo-Fi Groovy

If you want music that has a little more energy to it (perhaps you’re going out to dinner after the couples massage treatment), one therapist loves Nightmares on Wax. “It’s groovy but calming,” she declares. “It’s always a big hit.”

Calm and Pretty

Another therapist says that couples seem to love the tried and true musical stylings of Enya, the melodic Irish singer whose songs accompany many a massage therapy treatment.

Chill and Vibey

In the same vein, Spotify offers Late Night Chill. Therapists confirm that the tracks are indeed chill, but not sappy. “You won’t hear Barry White on Late Night Chill,” advises a massage therapist.

Outer Spacey

While space sounds aren’t normally associated with romance (unless you’re an astronaut, perhaps), tunes from NASA’s journeys, from solar radiation to shuttle liftoff, are increasingly popular. Your tax dollars at work!

Explore the Playlist Universe!

While some of these tracks are specific to Spotify, others can be found on PandoraApple Music, and beyond. Regardless of which music source you choose, make sure to play ad-free music. Nothing interrupts a couples massage vibe more than an an ad for dishwashing liquid.

Ready to book your couples massage (and ready your massage soundtracks)?

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