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Can You Multiply the Benefits of Massage?

Can You Multiply the Benefits of Massage?

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If you’re reading this, you likely already know massage isn’t a luxury; it’s a wellness necessity. And while occasional massage is better than nothing, it can’t undo a lifetime of tension and stress—or help you perform at your best in the long term. Making massage part of your health routines, however, provides exponentially greater benefits than a massage every once in a while. How?

Ward off the dreaded “sitting disease.” If you sit at a desk all day, your body is already crying out for help. Massage lengthens the tissue and joints that contract in a seated posture and reopens circulation that gets cut off as a result, allowing you to do your job with less pain and reduced risk of long-term injury.

Keep ongoing stress in check. Massage calms tension, lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol, while boosting serotonin, oxytocin, and other feel-good chemicals in the body. All combined, these benefits can curb many of the physiological conditions that link stress to serious illness—and help you get the most out of all your other wellness practices!

Cultivate a healthier sleep cycle. Because massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the body’s mechanism for resting and healing), it’s a powerful natural means of improving sleep. Routine massage will go even farther toward resetting an out-of-whack circadian rhythm—a common source of chronic insomnia.

Maintain athletic performance. No matter how fit you are, exercise is hard on your body. Massage improves flexibility, range of motion, and keeps your muscles supple. If you subject your body to consistent feats of endurance, biweekly or monthly massage will support its ability to perform and recover and help prevent future injury.

You’ve Got a Busy Life – Zeel Makes Regular Massage Easy

Zeel’s massage membership is a wellness subscription that includes one 60-minute massage per month at a VIP discount—up to 25% off the single-massage rate! The corresponding amount is entered into your Zeel account as credit that never expires. You can redeem this credit for an on-demand massage wherever Zeel is available, whether you’re at home, on vacation, or traveling for work.

Need more than one massage a month? As a member, you’ll enjoy your VIP pricing on those as well! Book as many massages as you want, and you’ll always pay the members-only price.

Best of all, your Zeel membership can be shared! Whether a live-in partner or your BFF across the country, as long as you book the treatment on your account, you can share your exclusive rate with anyone who could use the benefits of massage.

With up to 25% off regular rates, rollover credits, sharable benefits, automatic reminders, and more, Zeel’s membership is the easiest way to make this essential routine, well, routine.

The Ultimate Wellness Gift

We all know someone who could use a regular massage. Giving a Zeel membership as a gift is easy, and it’ll definitely be the most rewarding gift they receive this year! Gifting options are flexible for you, with both up-front and monthly payment options.

What Do Real Zeel Members Say?

Can’t beat the convenience. We all need massages, and the membership enables you to keep a cadence. If I had to leave the house, then I would be less likely to get the service as regularly.”
Lila – Houston, TX

I wouldn’t trade Zeel for anything!”
Carl – Nashville, TN

“I recommend it all the time! I’m an athlete and a working mom, so the convenience and availability that Zeel provides is priceless to me.”
Caroline – New York, NY

“Total reliability. I have recommended to at least 6 other people, including my own personal trainer, who is a trained massage therapist.”
Charles – New York, NY

“You guys give exceptional customer service, and I feel very safe allowing these professionals into my home. That’s putting a lot of trust in a company, and you guys are great!”
Dana – Los Angeles, CA

“OMG getting a massage in your own home, right before bed is THE BEST!”
Gentry – Washington, D.C.

“Excellent customer service, outstanding roster of professionals, easy to use in places all over the country.”
Nathan – New York, NY

“I’ve had an amazing experience with Zeel. All therapists have been at least better than any retail massage I’ve ever gotten.”
Daniel – Dallas, TX

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