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Why Zeel Is the Best In-Home Massage

Why Zeel Is the Best In-Home Massage

Cartoon graphics illustrate the eight reasons why Zeel is the first and best choice of on-demand, in-home massage apps!

Zeel created Massage On Demand® and was the first company to bring same-day, in-home massages to customers. With Zeel, you don’t have to compromise on quality or convenience when you get a massage – because Zeel delivers the best in-home massage. (We also deliver massages to your hotel, event, and workplace.) All in as little as an hour from the time you book.

Here’s why Zeel is the best on-demand massage company.


We have the most massage therapists, with over 10,000 in our network nationwide, and we’re constantly adding more each week. That’s nearly double the number of any other on-demand massage company.

Why is this number important? Without this many therapists, a company can’t meet customer demand. Therapists in the Zeel network typically can be available in as little as an hour from the time you book. Other providers promise the same one-hour delivery, but simply can’t deliver. We fulfill 99.4% of all Zeel Massage booking requests. In the rare circumstance when we can’t immediately fulfill the request, we’ll make it right at your very next available time.


Zeel has the widest coverage area in the US. We’re in over 85 metropolitan areas, including their surrounding cities, towns and suburbs. Take San Francisco, for example. Other massage providers say they’re available in the San Francisco Bay Area, but they’re really just in San Francisco proper and parts of the East Bay and San Mateo County. Zeel is in the entire San Francisco Bay Area – all 9 counties. When we say we’re in a metro area, you can be confident we mean the entire metro area. (In fact, Zeel now offers in-home massage services to 90% of the California population.)


The therapists in Zeel’s network are the highest quality therapists in the market. Others talk about the 500 hours of training their therapists or therapists in their network have. Fact is, that’s the minimum training requirement for ANY licensed massage therapist. The therapists in the Zeel network typically have years of experience and Zeel reviews and ensures they’re currently licensed in their state of practice. And to prove it, when you book a massage with a therapist in the Zeel network, you’ll see the photo and massage license number of the therapist before his or her arrival.

After each massage, customers rate therapists on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 95% of our ratings are 4 and 5 stars. We’re confident that we have the best massage therapists in the business.

Customer service

Our award-winning Zeel Member Services team is available nearly around the clock to customers and therapists via text, email, and phone to answer any question or solve any issue. Zeel customers are constantly amazed at the team’s thoroughness and thoughtfulness.

When you book a massage on the Zeel app, we’ll never leave you hanging. We message you when your massage is actually confirmed – you won’t need to hunt Zeel down to get information about your massage.


Your safety is a big one for us, and we’re proud to set the standard for not just on-demand massage, but the entire on-demand industry. We’re the only in-home on-demand company that goes as far with safety besides Airbnb.

Customers can rest assured that all massage therapists are thoroughly vetted before joining our network. After booking, customers get a confirmation email with the bio, headshot, and massage license number of the assigned therapist so you know exactly who’s coming to your door.

Therapists also need to feel safe. We’re the only company in the industry that asks customers to ID verify themselves and confirm mobile phones numbers. Other companies claim they ID verify – but just linking to your Facebook and taking a credit card isn’t good enough; social media profiles can be easily falsified or spoofed.

Fair pricing

Not only is Zeel between 20% and 50% less costly than spas of equivalent quality, but we automatically add 18% tip and (where applicable) tax to every massage. This convenience means that you never have to have cash on hand. Our receipts are transparent and include how much the therapist was paid and how much tip he or she got. Others say the tip is included or “no need to tip” – but the tip isn’t on the receipt and where sales tax is assessed, the entire charge is taxed, proving that no tip is included (as tips are not subject to sales tax). This causes confusion for the customer, and the therapist.

Moreover, you’re charged for your Zeel massage after it has been completed, not before, like other companies who charge before the appointment and then make it difficult to get a refund if you decide to cancel or the therapist doesn’t show up.

Our goal at Zeel is not to cut corners and skimp on therapist pay and tips to save you a few dollars. We’re here to make sure you’re paying a fair price and getting a five-star massage when you choose Zeel.


Zeel is already the most convenient five-star massage you can get, but for real massage lovers, it can be by far the most affordable as well. We offer the only in-home massage membership – which lowers the price of each massage by as much as 30% (differs by location) and includes a number of additional perks, like a luxe welcome kit featuring a premium spa robe and more. Not only is the Zeel massage membership a huge value, you can share your membership with anyone – even if they don’t have a massage table. Massage credits rollover, never expire and can be used to buy gift cards for others.

Zeel — the first, largest, and most trusted massage company

At Zeel, we work hard to bring you the best massage. Massage On Demand is our passion. (We even trademarked it!)  We’re thrilled to be able to share massage at home and the Zeel massage app with you, our customers, every single day.

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