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Can I get an at-home massage with the cold or flu? What about the post-game “flu”?

Can I get an at-home massage with the cold or flu? What about the post-game “flu”?

Woman lays under the covers in bed, taking a tissue to her nose in sickness.

It’s cold and flu season, which leads to – you guessed it – colds and the flu, as well as questions like these from Zeel members.  And it’s also the season for overdoing it at football parties. We answer two common questions about getting massages when you’re sick or otherwise under the weather.

Dear Zeel,

I’m about three-quarters of the way through a bad cold, and my entire body is aching. I’m working at home, and an in home massage would feel really good right now. Is it OK to book a massage from Zeel?


Dear Achoo,

We know a massage feels good, but you should wait until your illness has run its course to book a massage. When you’re sick or recovering from an illness like a cold or flu, your body is already working overtime to heal and is under stress. A massage can inadvertently add to that stress, or even spread a localized infection from lymph nodes.  Plus, you run the risk of getting your massage therapist sick. Wait until you’re better, and reward yourself with a massage then. We suggest a Swedish massage for overall immune system recovery and easing body aches.

Get well soon,


Dear Zeel,

Wasn’t that an exciting Big Game?  I’m originally from Philly, and, well, I don’t think I’m going to make it to work today.  I’m hung over and exhausted after being up all night. Since my sickness is pretty much self-inflicted, is it ethical for me to recharge with a massage?  Should I say I have a cold? I’m staying home today, so massage delivery is the way to go.

Philly Fan

Dear Philly Fan,

First of all, congratulations – you must be excited about the first-ever football championship for the Eagles. Second, you’re not alone. A Workforce Institute study estimates that almost 14 million people will call out sick the Monday after the Big Game – earning it the hashtag #SuperSickMonday.  And they’re not all in Philadelphia, Boston, or Minneapolis either.

Most people calling out sick today, according to the study, will claim to have a fever, a sore throat, or a headache. In your case, headache is probably closest to the truth.  Massages to cure headaches do work – so combine a scalp massage at home with some ibuprofen and lots of water.  Book on the Zeel massage app for today,  get some high-quality sleep, and you’ll bounce back by tomorrow.

(Next time, try not to overdo it – check out our tips for a healthy football party for next year!)

Feel better,


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