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Zeel Guide: The Weekend Reboot Edition

Zeel Guide: The Weekend Reboot Edition

Two people enjoying their weekend reboot as they exercise together outside.

If you’re like us, after an energy depleting work/life/everything week, our bodies crave some serious downtime (AKA the opposite of a night out on the town). While cocktails with friends and 48-hours of back to back social activities have their obvious upside, we are convinced a weekend of R&R can be just as fun. Plus, come Monday you’ll look and feel like a new person. Below, our favorite ways to reboot your mind and body with friends:

  1. Sweat together

It’s official, the Rolls Royce of saunas, the infrared sauna, is detoxifying, more tolerable than a regular sauna, and seem to be popping up on every corner a la Starbucks. Whether you prefer to get your sweat on wrapped up like a burrito in Shape House’s infrared blankets or book a private infrared sauna session with a friend at Clean Market, a sauna is the perfect way to instantly feel rejuvenated, be social, and sweat out the week.

  1. Staycation + In Room Massage

If the thought of travel gives you a migraine but you’re yearning for a getaway, don’t overcomplicate matters. Book a posh hotel room for you and your pal in a new part of town. You can explore the new neighborhood together or bring your unplug essentials like cozy pajamas and that book you’ve been meaning to read. How to make this staycation really suite? Book an on-demand massage from Zeel, like our Sleep Massage to assure you two will get your eight hours of Zzz’s.  

  1. Work It Out

Blow off steam by trying a team or partner-based workout. Love to cycle? Book bikes at Swerve Fitness, a team-based spinning class that adds a punch of friendly competition to an intense cardio session. If you want to try a workout class that is basically a healthy disco, you will love Switch Playground, a partner-based HIIT class with a live dj and strobe lights.

  1. Just Breathe

Give your brain a mental massage and practice your breathing with a relaxing guided meditation class like Inscape or MNDFL. Or invite your friend over, make our favorite delicious green smoothie, and download a meditation from an app like two of our favorites, Calm and Headspace.

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