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Giving a Surprise Zeel Massage: Dos and Donts

Giving a Surprise Zeel Massage: Dos and Donts

Key tips for the most successful surprise Zeel massage!

Zeel makes a great gift, so it’s probably not surprising that we’re often asked to book a surprise Zeel Massage session, whether that’s chair massage for a bridal party, or a well-deserved deep tissue in-home massage for someone who’s been having a tough week.

We’re happy to work with you on surprising and delighting a lucky loved one with a Zeel Massage. Here are a few tips to make it a happy, relaxing occasion.

Tell Zeel the massage is a surprise present and explain any preferences or needs the recipient might have.  Do they need a prenatal massage? Are they recovering from an injury?

Make sure you know the recipient’s schedule. Just as with a surprise party, it’s helpful for them to be with someone who’s in on the secret and can make sure they arrive at the venue on time.  (That’s why a surprise couples massage is often a great idea.)

We suggest you let the recipient know about the Zeel Massage 15-20 minutes ahead of time, to allow them to prepare for the Zeel Massage.

If you’re booking a surprise Zeel Chair Massage session, tell Zeel how many people will want a chair massage.

Finally, if you’re not completely sure about the timing of the Zeel Massage gift, we suggest picking up a Zeel gift card instead, allowing your recipient to schedule at his or her convenience.

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