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How to Create a Spa Massage Atmosphere at Home

How to Create a Spa Massage Atmosphere at Home

Lighted candles set the mood for an in-home spa.

Planning to get a Zeel Massage at home?  A massage in-home by itself is a real treat. But if you’re creative, and want to recreate the spa of your dreams, here are some tips that can make that happen.


Turn the lights down low – though not off, since the massage therapist does need to see!  If candles are your thing, you may wish to light a few before your massage.

No screens

Turn off electronic devices. “Blue light” from equipment like computers and televisions can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and suppress the creation of melatonin, a hormone that promotes relaxation.

Pets or no pets?

Your pets are beloved companions, but unless you’re getting a couples massage with your golden retriever, consider putting your pup or kitty in another room, with a door that closes. Zeel Massage Therapist love your pets, but you might not find their presence conducive to relaxation.


Lavender oil is known to soothe massage recipients and reduce blood pressure. Consider putting a few drops of lavender oil on your massage table or pillow cover.

Lotion of choice

Our Zeel Massage Therapists bring unscented, non-staining and hypoallergenic lotion with them to all massage appointments.  But they’re happy to work with any oil or lotion you have that you like better – for example, skin-softening coconut oil. (Remember, don’t use coconut oil if you have any nut allergies.)

Massage tunes

Music can soothe the savage beast – and the stressed-out Zeel Massage customer. Zeel Massage Therapists always bring massage music for relaxation – but feel free to supply your own.


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