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How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Ahead of Time

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Ahead of Time

It happens more often than any of us would like to admit. Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you, and you end up grabbing a card and a heart-shaped box at the nearest drugstore.

Luckily, your day of romance doesn’t have to end up anticlimactic this year. Even though Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday in 2018, there are plenty of fun weeknight date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy the evening together.

Below, we provide a guide to ordering all your Valentine’s Day services and gifts online, so you can relish the day without running errands.

A month in advance

Book a romantic getaway

Don’t appreciate a midweek Valentine’s Day cutting off your opportunity for a weekend of romance? If you book a vacation that starts on Tuesday or Wednesday, Valentine’s can become a long weekend affair instead. And there are plenty of travel booking sites that can help you grab last-minute deals.

For example, TravelZoo offers Top 20 weekly deals with all-inclusive packages to exotic locales — so you won’t have to worry about planning the details. Plane tickets? Transportation? Lodging? Food? Check, check, check, check. (In-hotel massage? Check.)

Make reservations to your favorite restaurant

Restaurants always get packed for Valentine’s Day. Booking your favorite spot early will ensure your sweetheart isn’t disappointed. Apps like OpenTable and Resy allow you to reserve a table online in advance, which means no frantic lunchtime calls to the maitre d’.

Shop for a ring

If you have a romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day in mind, shopping online for a diamond ring is the smart move. Companies like Noémie, Fair Trade Jewellery Co., and Brilliant Earth all offer customizable and ethically-sourced diamond rings, so you can purchase a ring that works for both your future spouse’s conscience and aesthetics.

A week in advance

Book a couples’ massage

There’s nothing quite like unwinding with a glass of wine and getting a deeply relaxing couples massage with your loved one. And because Valentine’s this year is in the middle of the week, it’s even more convenient for you to head straight home for a massage than venturing out in the cold.

Zeel offers you an easy way to book mobile massages at home 30 days in advance (or same-day, for Valentine’s Day procrastinators). If you’re looking for an in-home couples massage, or a massage in your vacation hotel room, the Zeel massage app makes scheduling simple and easy. No calling around necessary! The therapist you book through the Zeel app (or two therapists, for the couples massage), will arrive at the time and place you select, toting high-end professional massage tables, ready to give you a great (and shockingly easy to book) massage service.

Order flowers online

Making time to get flowers or run other errands on Valentine’s Day just means less time for you and your partner to spend together. Instead of grabbing grocery store flowers, check out apps like H.Bloom and UrbanStems. These luxury flower apps deliver nationwide, and you can order them from the comfort of your own home.  Schedule flowers to give your home the ideal home spa ambiance, or send them to your partner’s workplace for a grand romantic gesture.

Three days in advance

Buy ingredients for a nice dinner

A home-cooked meal for Valentine’s is thoughtful and fun. Need a more structured recipe?  Meal subscription services like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Purple Carrot deliver delicious ingredients to your door, with tailored and seasonal menus.

…or get cocktail ingredients

Nothing says passion like a Veuve Clicquot Rosé or Negroni D’Amore.  But no matter which drink you choose to dazzle your partner, ordering online is easier than ever. Companies like Minibar and Drizly allow you to order wine, liquor, and beer all with a couple clicks on their mobile app. Cheers!  (And don’t overdo the drinking before your massage, if that’s your stay-in Valentine’s Day plan!)


Give movie tickets

If you’ve run out of time for buying a Valentine’s Day gift, there’s still hope. MoviePass offers a $10 a month subscription service to see new movies in theaters all across the U.S. All you have to do is select the theater and movie you want, book on the mobile app, and pick your tickets up at theater. It’s an easy way to enjoy something fun together, without planning your movie date ahead of time.

Still not too late to book that couples massage

Don’t worry if procrastinating has gotten the best of you. We mentioned booking massages a week out, but you can even book a same-day, in-house massage with Zeel’s easy-to-use massage app. And we have a feeling your loved one won’t complain about the home service and extra endorphins.

Psst…trying to set the mood? We’ve curated a list of the best music for massage and relaxation.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner this year, mobile delivery services on your app are the key to success.

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