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Can CBD Oil Help Fight Arthritis? Grandma says yes

Can CBD Oil Help Fight Arthritis? Grandma says yes

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This is the story of the magic of CBD oil, and its diverse healing powers. Rather, this the sequel of that story. I wrote Part I about 4 months back, when I used CBD oil for a Zeel in-home massage. But this time around, we’re telling the story through the eyes (or rather the muscles) of my 85-year-old grandmother.

Before we begin, let me take you back to the beginning, when I was pretty skeptical about associating marijuana with massage. So let me set the record straight. CBD oil is a far cry from anything you might associate with a Cheech and Chong flick. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Manufacturers of CBD products boast incredible healing powers for athletic injuries, inflammation, and chronic pain relief. CBD is not hallucinogenic.

Despite serious doubt in CBS’s functionality, I tried it. If you look at my last blog on this, you’ll see why I loved it, and why I still use the products to this day.

But getting back to my beloved grandmother. It was in the days after my CBD massage that she complained of her pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I told her how I had used Cannuka’s CBD cream with Manuka honey on my own tired joints and she was, as grandmothers tend to be, horrified by my use of an “experimental” product.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Granny had actually been denied medical marijuana only a few weeks earlier. She’s desperately wanted to try a natural alternative to pain-reduction, because nothing has been working. So I sent my grandmother a box of Cannuka products, and figured she’d come around to giving it a try, on her own terms.

Now I want to be perfectly clear that we are in no way advocating for you swapping prescriptions for CBD oils and creams. Doctors are doctors and I’m just a blogger. A blogger with a grandmother and a story to tell.

Grandma now begins and ends every day with a 20-minute rub of Cannuka Healing Skin Balm on her hips and knees. To be perfectly honest, she will not start her day until she’s spent 20 massaging her joints with Cannuka Healing Skin Balm. (You could argue that 20 minutes of massaging water into tense muscles would also do the trick, but again, I’m not a scientist. Just a blogger.) As directed, Grandma warms up the balm between her hands and applies the balm in a circular motion. She promises me that within a few hours, she finds herself to be more mobile. On some days, she is convinced, the CBD cream is the reason she can get out of bed. (And according to actual science, we may have CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties to thank for that.)

My grandmother ditched her Arthritis medication for Cannuka CBD Oil products, and she’s never been better

Almost comically, my always strong willed grandmother has now ditched her pills all together, and decided that CBD massage is just as if not more effective. She’s determined to take on Arthritis her own way, and we can’t tell her otherwise. In the face of a chronic disease that brings daily pain, I’m happy to have introduced her to something that gives her relief. Now to getting Grandma cleared at the dispensary.

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