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Is A CBD Massage Right For You?

Is A CBD Massage Right For You?

CBD massage

You are confirmed for your Zeel massage on Thursday 8/23 at 8:30 PM.”

The plan was for a therapist from the Zeel network to execute a Swedish massage with CBD-derived products on my body. My God, I thought. I am about to get a Marijuana Massage…

CBD – or Cannabidiol – is the most active ingredient in cannabis plants, and it’s becoming popular and trusted in health and wellness circles. Manufacturers of CBD products boast incredible healing powers, particularly for athletic injuries, inflammation, chronic pain relief, and even mood disorders.

“There is no way this kind of product will ever have a practical role in my life”, I thought. How could it be? I’ve never touched cannabis! But my qualms about cannabis-derived products were proved totally wrong.

On the day before my massage, I went to my local New York Sports Club for my regular post-workday work-out and suddenly…CRAMP. My first-ever charlie horse tore through my quads. By 9:00 pm that night, I was hobbling like an old woman. On Thursday morning, I awoke with a soreness I could only explain to my co-workers as “a pain comparable to the last time I ran a half marathon.”

Time for my CBD massage

The CBD oil I chose for my massage is part of a new natural beauty line called Cannuka. Cannuka’s CBD Healing Skin Balm looks high end and wholesome and has been described to me as a “versatile, swiss-army knife product”.

The product activates with body heat, in this case, the warmth of my therapist’s hands. The smooth viscosity of the balm was perfectly conducive to a Swedish massage, characterized by long, sweeping motions. She paid special attention to my quads, still sore to the touch from the night before.

Clean and healthy ingredients

I was pleased to learn that Cannuka products (and CBD products in general) do not have THC in them – meaning, nothing in these products will make you high. They include only essential beneficial ingredients, such as manuka honey, grapefruit essential oil, hemp seed oil, orange peel butter, aloe vera, rose hip oil, shea butter, olive oil, and a few more all-natural, completely chemical-free ingredients.

Just as importantly, the product doesn’t smell like a college dorm room. Instead of smelling like you might think a marijuana-based product would, Cannuka’s scent is derived from orange peel butter, so it’s light and citrusy. My therapist and I lingered in conversation about the relaxing powers of the aroma alone.

The verdict: CBD massage is fantastic!

The day after my incredibly relaxing, aromatherapeutic CBD massage, my quads felt relieved. My legs recovered completely by the end of the following day, rather than the week it would normally take to overcome soreness.

In short, what originally felt risqué to me… now feels healthy and smart. A Zeel massage with quality CBD oil will remain central to my health and wellness toolkit. And to all those who hesitate to get started, take my story as a reason to give it a fair shot – you’ll be happy that you did!

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