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VIDEO: Essential Pre/Post-Ride Stretches for Cyclists

VIDEO: Essential Pre/Post-Ride Stretches for Cyclists

Enjoyable as cycling can be, even a low-key bike ride can result in some serious soreness. And for those who pedal with gusto, an extra-hard ride can result in an injury if muscles and joints aren’t properly conditioned before and after your cycling session. Join Mahri Relin to learn essential stretches for reducing pain and minimizing injury risk for leisurely and hardcore cyclists alike.

An in-demand Zeel Virtual Wellness instructor, Mahri Relin has used her extensive research and experience as a professional dancer, personal trainer, and expert in wellness and nutrition to provide clients with the most intelligent, personalized, and joyful fitness experience possible.

Mahri is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, AFPA Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Certified Postnatal Corrective exercise Specialist, Certified Wellness and Nutrition Consultant, and fitness enthusiast.

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