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Can I get a home massage when I am recovering from the cold or flu?

It’s cold and flu season, which leads to – you guessed it – colds and the flu, as well as questions like these from Zeel members.

Dear Zeel,

I’m about three-quarters of the way through a bad cold, and my entire body is aching. I’m working at home, and an in home massage would feel really good right now. Is it OK to book a Zeel Massage?


Dear Achoo,

We know a massage feels good, but you should wait until your illness has run its course to book a Zeel Massage. When you’re sick or recovering from an illness, your body is already working overtime to heal and is under stress. A massage can inadvertently add to that stress, or even spread a localized infection from lymph nodes. Plus, you run the risk of getting your Zeel Massage Therapist sick. Wait until you’re better, and reward yourself with a Zeel Massage then. (If you have FSA dollars, you can use them for Zeel Massages – keep your good health with medical massage all 2017!)

Get well soon,


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