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A man laying in bed receiving an in-Home Massage.
5 Reasons Now is the BEST Time to Get a Massage

If it’s been a while since your last massage, there are more than a few…

A graphic to represent the podcast that focused on M&A.
StartUp Health NOW Podcast: Entrepreneur-Investors Samer Hamadeh & James Marciano Talk M&A

Exit Strategies: M&A Wisdom From Entrepreneur-Investors Samer Hamadeh and James Marciano In this episode of…

A provider holding a cotton swap and a vial to perform a patient's COVID-19 testing.
Better Living Through Testing: Understanding Your COVID-19 Testing Options in 2021

COVID-19 testing has become a fact of life for most of us by now, but…

A woman stretching out her legs before she begins her workout.
VIDEO: Improve Your Flexibility with This Lower Body Stretch Routine

Gabriel Gates is a practicing massage therapist and personal trainer with a background in assisted stretching.…

A woman sweating after a strenuous training session.
Cardio or Strength Training: Which is More Effective at Achieving Your Goals?

When it comes to the mental and physical effects of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises, one may in fact be better than the other.

A woman srtanding outside stretching her arm and shoulder.
VIDEO: Say Goodbye to Tension and Stress with This 5-Minute Upper Body Stretch Routine

Taking just five minutes out of your day to stretch can make a big difference…

A runner taking a break to stretch out her leg muscles.
VIDEO: Must-Do Leg Stretches for Better Workouts

Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or about to go on a run,…

Health, Wellness, and Fatherhood
Computer Jockeys: These Anti-Pain Arm & Neck Stretches are Meant for You (Playlist)

Do you work at a laptop all day? These 3 essential stretches will help prevent…

A woman sitting with her eyes closed meditating.
VIDEO: Take a Mindfulness Break with Yemmie

Yemsrach Tekletsadik is an Engineer turned Mindfulness Instructor. After receiving her engineering degree from Cornell…