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Zeel Arrives in Sacramento to Warm Welcome and Rave Reviews

Zeel Arrives in Sacramento to Warm Welcome and Rave Reviews

Zeel Massage Therapist arrives at client's home to warm welcome

Zeel is thrilled to officially launch in Sacramento, and even more excited to see the positive reviews pouring in. We love you too, Sactown!

Our very own Cynthia Irons was invited to share the good news on Good Day Sacramento and Fox Studio40 LIVE, both of whom tried out an on-air massage for themselves. The city’s largest newspaper Sacramento Bee and ABC 25’s Crossroads Today also picked up the story.

With the expansion to Sacramento, Zeel now offers in-home massage services over 90% of the population of California. From SF to LA to San Diego, and virtually everywhere in between, you can now order the best spa-quality massage delivered to your home in as little as an hour.

Here are some highlights from Sacramento massage fans so far.

Good Day Sacramento Features the Zeel Massage On Demand App

“You can order up lunch, order up dinner, and order a massage — and that’s a Friday night date as far as I’m concerned.”

Good Day Sacramento’s host Marianne McClary helps us spread the good word about Zeel’s recent California expansion on her show. Marianne also speaks with Zeel CMO, Cynthia Irons, about the convenience and safety features of the Zeel app.

“Honestly, the worst thing after getting a massage [at a spa or other location] is having to get back in your car and drive home,” Marianne notes. “Because you are so relaxed, you wish you could just be home.”

“Exactly,” Cynthia replies. “With Zeel, you can just roll into bed right after, and have a great night’s sleep.”

Marianne walks through the app on-screen with Cynthia, and goes on to explain how easy it can be to order a Zeel Massage delivered to your home. “A licensed and fully vetted massage therapist comes to your door. They bring the table with them, the music and everything. You don’t have to provide anything but the space.”

“Everything is bespoke. It’s what you want,” Cynthia adds. Simply let your Zeel Massage Therapist know if you have a specific problem area or muscle soreness that needs attention, and they’ll cater the massage experience to you.

Marianne (who during a commercial break admits to happily volunteering for this assignment) cues up the live demonstration: “Relax after a hard day with an at-home massage. We’ve tried the app, now it’s time for the massage itself.” A willing subject from the Good Day Sacramento team, Ken, generously volunteers his own back to test out the Zeel Massage for viewers.

Ken, a man of few words, applauds from the comfort of his massage table. “Marianne, this is the best thing you’ve ever done for the show.” Guess he enjoyed his Zeel experience.

Fox Studio40 LIVE Announces Zeel Launch in Sacramento

“It’s like Uber for your back!” Fox Studio40 LIVE demonstrates the benefits of a Zeel Massage on the air, by volunteering one of their hosts to experience it for himself.

TV personality Gary Gelfand (while enjoying a Zeel Massage on camera) shares his enthusiastic endorsement.

“It’s fantastic. And I love the idea that they just come right to you. Because there are times when you want a massage, and you’re thinking, ‘Ah man, I gotta call somebody, I gotta drive somewhere.’ I want it now!”

With Zeel, you simply press a button on your iPhone or Android, and the 5-star massage experience comes to your door.

Lori Wallace of Fox Studio40 asks, “One thing that I’m sure comes up a lot when you talk about this is, how safe is it? How do I know that the person coming to my house is safe?”

Cynthia Irons replies, “Such a good question. We are actually the most trusted name in massage, and we go further than any on-demand company when it comes to safety. We were just featured in Cosmo magazine this month as one of the four apps doing the most for safety.”

“All of our therapists are licensed, insured, and we vet them in person,” she continues. “And when you book, you get a confirmation that includes their first name, last name, bio, headshot, and massage license number, so you know exactly who is coming to the door.”

The security features don’t stop there. Cynthia goes on to explain how both sides of the coin can rest easy with Zeel. “Because we also want our therapists to feel safe, the first time you book a massage we ask you to verify your mobile number and ID. That way, both you and the therapist feel comfortable.”

Sacramento is Buzzing About Zeel




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