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Massage On Demand, The Perfect Father’s Day Gift


No, Dad does not want a tie for Father’s Day. He has all the ties he wants. Maybe he doesn’t want any.

Dad would probably appreciate a card, but unless you are five years old and creating said card from scented markers and construction paper, you need to do a little better.

Unless you are 1000% sure, do not get Dad cologne. Especially joke cologne that smells like barbecue or golf balls or something purportedly manly.

Dad might want a puppy, but one should not give animals as presents. You can send him a link to cute animal videos, though.


What should you get Dad? A mobile massage. From Zeel (natch)

But why? As promised, three reasons.

He can enjoy it at his leisure. Unlike your “amusing” t-shirt that he must open and kvell over, he can book his Zeel Massage when and where he wants, to be delivered to him in as little as an hour. Unless you are his romantic partner or you have an odd family, you will not be standing over him to make sure he enjoys his Zeel Massage. But he will.

It will make him feel better. Whether Dad is the athletic type who is always jogging or fishing or rock climbing, or the kind of guy who gets a backache from poor posture while watching The Americans, a massage from Zeel will relax muscle tension and reduce the back pain and neck pain and other pains of existence.

You can buy it last minute.  We know you’re busy – so if you’re reading this blog Sunday morning and smacking yourself upside the head, relax. We’ll deliver a great massage on demand gift card from Zeel in seconds –We’ve Got Your Back!

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