Combining Massage and Yoga, from a Zeel Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher

Yogi sits in Parvatasana while looking out into a beautiful sunset on the ocean.

Many Zeel customers love both massage and yoga.  We’ve discovered that many Zeel Massage Therapists feel the same way. So we talked to one of our Zeel therapist who also happens to be a registered yoga teacher as well.

Lena has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999 and a registered yoga teacher (RYT) since 2007.  Zeel spoke to Lena about how her massage training affects her yoga practice – and vice versa.

Lena says that practicing yoga came naturally to her – the first yoga class she ever took was her first day of massage school, at the Swedish Institute in New York.  “I find that yoga and massage are complementary practices  – both are aimed at enhancing the body’s wellness and flexibility.”

Additionally, Lena finds that her massage therapy expertise connects with her yoga instruction and practice in interesting ways. “I use technical anatomical terms during yoga, due to my anatomy study for my massage license at the Swedish Institute,” says Lena.  “I’m also extremely concerned about alignment – for example, while some instructors just sort of breeze by Chaturanga, I’m obsessive about body position.”

Lena’s hands-on massage approach extends to her yoga students too. “I will make very physical adjustments,” says Lena. “I will take you and move you.”

Lena incorporates yoga into her massage practice as well.  “I give very specific instructions to my clients on stretching before and after massages to maximize results.  Stretching, like in sports massages, is so important to flexibility and health. I give them a yoga care package – and it works.”

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