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Massage On Demand, The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Massage On Demand, The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Dad enjoys a Zeel in-home massage as a Father's Day gift.

In need of a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Every year, this holiday sneaks up on us, and it can be easy to run out of ideas (there are only so many grill accessories in the world). That’s why we put together this list to help in your search for the perfect patriarch present — starting with what not to buy.

What Dad doesn’t want for Father’s Day

  • Another tie. No, Dad does not want a tie for Father’s Day. He has all the ties he needs already (and then some).
  • A thoughtful greeting card (only). Dad will definitely appreciate the heartfelt message in your card, but don’t stop there. Unless you are five years old and creating said card from scented markers and construction paper, you need to do a little better than just a message.
  • Cologne. Unless you are 1000% sure that this was on his gift list, do not get Dad cologne. Especially joke cologne that smells like barbecue or golf balls or something purportedly manly.
  • Living things. Dad might want a puppy, but one should not give animals as presents. He has already raised you for 18+ years — do you really want to give him another responsibility? You can certainly send him a link to cute animal videos, though.

What Dad does want for Father’s Day

What gift should you get for Dad? An in-home massage from Zeel.

Here’s why:

  1. He can enjoy it at his leisure. Unlike the amusing T-shirt that he must open right away and react to in front of the family, he can book his Zeel Massage when and where he wants, to be delivered to him in as little as an hour. He can even book it through our handy mobile app for iOS or Android. Unless he’s your husband (or you have an odd family dynamic), you will not be standing over him to make sure he enjoys his Zeel Massage. But he will.
  2. It will make him feel better. Whether Dad is the athletic type who is always jogging or fishing or rock climbing, or the kind of guy who gets a backache from poor posture while watching The Americans, a massage from Zeel will relax muscle tension and reduce the back pain and neck pain and other pains of existence.
  3. He doesn’t have to go to a spa. One of the best parts of in-home massage is that it’s, well, in your home. Dad likely doesn’t want to trek somewhere to redeem his gift. Especially not to a spa. With Zeel, he can just hit a button and have a 5-star, spa-quality experience delivered to his door from a licensed and insured massage therapist.
  4. You can buy it last minute. We know you’re busy – so if you’re reading this blog Sunday morning and smacking yourself upside the head, relax. We’ll deliver a great massage on-demand gift card from Zeel in seconds, and your father can choose the date and time he wants to book it. We’ve got your back!


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