Holiday and New Year’s Eve Party Recovery Techniques

Girl applies pressure to her temples as she winces in pain from a hangover.

Feeling a little woozy after overindulging at your holiday party last night? Hey, how were you supposed to realize that punch had rum in it?  Whatever your excuse, you’re feeling pretty damn crappy this morning. So let Zeel give you some advice so you can bounce back in style, or at least with some minimal level of functionality.

Why does a hangover feel so bad?

If it makes you feel better (though it probably won’t), scientists don’t exactly know why we get hangovers, though dehydration, sleep deprivation, hormonal disruption, and changes in metabolism are all known contributors. Of course, the best known reason for a hangover is overconsumption of alcoholic beverages!

No matter what the cause, you likely know the symptoms of a hangover: a pounding headache, sensitivity to sound, achiness, and exhaustion.

So how do you cope, especially if it’s a work day?

Stay in

If you have flex time available at your workplace, take advantage of it. A few more hours of sleep in the morning will allow your body to heal and metabolize the toxins left over from your holiday binge.

Drink water and other liquids

Dehydration exacerbates hangovers. Make sure you drink lots of water.  The natural sugars present in fruit juices can be helpful in replenishing nutrients, though orange juice can be too acidic for upset stomachs. Try apple juice or tomato juice instead.


Along with liquids, a few ibuprofen can help dismiss your post-party headaches.

Gentle massage

While you might want to avoid a scalp massage if you have a headache, a gentle Swedish massage can help spur your circulation, which allows your body to remove alcohol toxins more rapidly.  You can even get a Zeel Massage at the office, if you’re at work.


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