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How to Record Video Interview Responses in Your Zeel Application

How to Record Video Interview Responses in Your Zeel Application

A computer that was left open after the user completed their recording of their video interview.

Setting Up Your Space

When preparing to record your video answers, choose a quiet, well-lit location. The more light you can bring into the room, the better video quality you’ll have. 

If possible, record yourself with a window in front of you so the natural light illuminates your face. Avoid positioning yourself with a window behind you, which will darken your image and make you difficult to see.

Position your computer or mobile phone’s camera so it is at eye level and frames you from the chest up

If using a mobile phone to record your video, be sure to keep it steady. Instead of holding the phone in your hand, rest it on a stable surface. You may even consider using a mobile phone tripod

Keep your background neutral and remove any clutter behind you to minimize distractions. 

Preparing & Submitting Your Answers

In the Video Response stage of the application, you’ll be asked two questions about yourself. It may be helpful to prepare—or at least think about—your answers ahead of time. Here are the questions:

  • Please highlight your work experience and professional responsibilities.
  • Why do you feel you are a good fit for the Zeel Network?

When you’re ready to record your answers, click the camera icon in the box. The camera will start recording in 5 seconds. You have a 120-second limit for each question. 

Once you record your video, you can review your recording, re-record your answer, or submit it if you are satisfied with your answer. Once submitted, you will move on to the next question.

For help, you can access the FAQs page by hitting the “Click Here” button.

Still need help? No problem! Contact us any time at, and we’ll answer any questions you have, so you can proceed with the application process!

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