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Massage Your Way To Better Winter Skin

Massage Your Way To Better Winter Skin

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Winter, in most of the country, is a cold, damp, icky time of the year. For many of us, it is also a time when we have dry, itchy skin. The “winter itch” is a real phenomenon.  During the winter, our skin is not only blasted by cold, it’s blasted by dry heat when we come inside. The combination can dry out the skin, causing cracks in the skin, which in turn increases inflammation, pain, and can even cause or exacerbate skin conditions like eczema.  Your skin is your largest organ of your body – and during the winter, you should take special care to promote skin health. Both men and women get dry skin in winter, though women are more vulnerable, because their skin is thinner on average.

One useful tool in your winter skin wellness arsenal – massage.

You already know how massage is great for back pain and neck pain (and how about those twisted ankles from skiing?) But massage is also a great way to keep your skin healthy and smooth during even the worst winter weather.

How massage helps winter skin

Massage makes your skin healthier in two important ways.

  • Massage reduces inflammation. Much of the redness and dryness of your crocodile skin during winter is caused by inflammation. Massage, among its many other benefits, is a great way to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation – giving your skin the chance it needs to heal.
  • Massage is a great way to moisturize. Your therapist will not only knead away your muscle soreness, but moisturize your skin during a massage with massage lotion or oil. A massage ensures that most of your skin is moisturized, including your back and legs. Any massage lotion or oil will be good for moisturizing your skin, but for a special treat, massage with shea butter. You can double the effectiveness of your skin treatment massage by opting for a healthy essential oil, like lavender oil.  Lavender oil is great for inducing  deep and healthy sleep, along with refreshing skin health and relaxing your jangled nerves.

Now you have even more reasons to get a massage at home – for skin wellness inside and out.

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