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Ask a Zeel Massage Therapist: Why Does My Nose Run After a Massage?

Ask a Zeel Massage Therapist: Why Does My Nose Run After a Massage?

Runny noses post-massage are completely normal and healthy.

KarinaHave questions about massage? Ask a Zeel Massage Therapist.  We turned to Karina, one of our 9,000+ vetted, licensed massage therapists, to answer some frequently asked questions about massage.

Karina has been a licensed massage therapist since 1997, when she graduated from the Swedish Institute, and has worked in a variety of spas, including Bliss and Carapan.

Is it true that pregnant women can’t get massages in their first trimester?

While many therapists recommend that women wait until their second trimester to receive massage, it’s possible for women in their first trimester to receive prenatal massage from a Certified Prenatal Massage Specialist.  Make sure to tell the therapist that you’re pregnant!  (You can read more about Zeel Prenatal and Pregnancy massage in this article.)

Why does my nose always run after a massage?

Usually you start a massage by lying face-down (prone)  for approximately 30 minutes, as the massage therapist massages your back, hips, legs and feet. Since your face has been compressed in the face cradle, your sinuses can clog. Some days are worse than others, depending on the weather, your allergies, etc. Once you turn onto your back (supine) the nasal pressure is relieved, causing your nose to get runny. It’s totally normal and healthy.

Will massage oil stain my sheets during a massage?

There are some oils that are water-based and do not stain.  Massage cream is also a good, non-staining alternative.  If you do prefer standard massage oil, it will stain your sheets if you don’t wash them right away.  Zeel Massage Therapists will use non-staining creams and oils unless you specify otherwise.

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