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De-stress at the office (even without Zeel)

De-stress at the office (even without Zeel)

Don't let the stress of work overwhelm you!

Summertime is officially here. Just check the calendar!  But just because the sun is shining, the barbecue is grilling and the fireworks are sparkling, it doesn’t mean that the stress level at work is lower. In fact, you may find yourself under the gun as your coworkers swan off on summer vacation.

Of course, one of our primary goals here at Zeel Massage is to make sure we lower your stress levels and boost your wellbeing through massage. But for some reason, your boss doesn’t always understand that you need a massage in the middle of the day.(Perhaps direct her to Zeel Chair Massage for the office?)  So here are some other ways to reduce your stress level at work.

  • Take a 10 minute walk. Sounds counterintuitive, but studies have found that walking actually reduces fatigue. Plus, like any physical activity, walking releases endorphins (the “happy hormones” that lift mood.)
  • Inhale some lavender. Bring some lavender oil or satchels to work – the scent has been shown to reduce agitation and anxiety, and even reduce errors made in computer work.
  • Shackled to your desk? Bring the outside in. Try listening to Calm, an app available for iPhone, which trains you to meditate to the sounds of nature in two minutes or less (Meditation On Demand?)
  • And there’s never anything wrong with a quick bite of chocolate at work (and dark chocolate even has health benefits that include stress reduction.)
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