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How We’re Keeping Our Community Safe While Delivering In-Home Services

How We’re Keeping Our Community Safe While Delivering In-Home Services

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With most areas of the country in some phase of reopening after widespread shutdowns related to COVID-19, we at Zeel are carefully managing the delivery of in-person services to ensure we can provide the treatments you rely on with the utmost safety. Our mission to make vital health and wellness services easily accessible is stronger than ever, and our top priority in that mission is for you to feel safe, confident, and comfortable booking them.

To see if Zeel in-home massage and assisted stretching is available where you live, click here. You’ll see a message letting you know if in-home services are not available; otherwise, you can go ahead and book!

As we’ve learned from these months of efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 around the world, prevention works best when everyone participates. Below are the health and safety guidelines for the providers and clients in the Zeel network. They’re set in accordance with federal, state, local, and CDC guidelines and are updated regularly. Sustained commitment to these recommendations will help us all get back to normal sooner, and safely.

Guidelines for Providers in the Zeel Network

  • Providers will wear a mask or facial covering the entire time they are in a client’s home and may wear gloves during treatments as an enhanced safety measure.
  • Each day upon opening the Zeel Provider App, every provider must confirm he or she displays no symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious illnesses.
  • Providers will take their temperature daily.
  • Providers will follow the CDC guidelines on hand-washing or using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Providers will, upon client’s request, remove shoes upon entry into their homes.
  • Equipment should be carefully and thoroughly disinfected between appointments—preferably before and after each use.

Guidelines for Zeel Clients

To help keep providers in the Zeel network—and everyone in our collective communities—safe, we ask Zeel clients to:

  • Refrain from booking an in-home treatment if you or a household member have a fever, other COVID-19 symptoms, or any communicable illness.
  • Refrain from booking an in-home treatment if you or any member of your household are under an isolation or quarantine order/directive.
  • Always use your own sheets on massage tables.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Wash hands thoroughly prior to and after each treatment.
  • Clean any object or surface in your home the provider may need to use or touch before and after the appointment.
  • Share any special sanitation or hygiene requests you have for your provider prior to their arrival at your home—preferably during the initial booking process.
  • You may offer masks/gloves and no-contact thermometers to your provider, should you wish to do so.

To see if Zeel’s in-person wellness services are available where you live, click here. We are proud to continue supporting your health and wellness during these unprecedented times and look forward to seeing you for your next treatment. 

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