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VIDEO: Yoga for Lower Back Strengthening and Pain Relief

VIDEO: Yoga for Lower Back Strengthening and Pain Relief

A woman sitting on her yoga mat.

If you’re experiencing stiffness or pain in your lower back, yoga can go a long way toward realigning a scrunched-up posture, increasing mobility in your back and core, and strengthening your back muscles. A gentle practice with a big impact, just a few minutes a day of this routine can proffer up noticeable improvements in posture and strength—and, blessedly, less pain.

Emily McElwain was born and raised in Sioux City, IA, the product of a loving and tight-knit family. She developed a deep passion for dance and exercise as a young child and studied dance at the University of Iowa. A professional dancer, teacher, and ACE certified personal trainer, Emily focuses all her practices on physical and mental growth, positive goal-setting, and developing impactful relationships through trust, reliability, and accountability.

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