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Type A-Planners Now Welcome: Zeel now offers booking up to a month in advance

Type A-Planners Now Welcome: Zeel now offers booking up to a month in advance

Marcy Lerner
Schedule booked to the nines? Pencil in your next Zeel massage up to one month in advance!

At Zeel, one of our main value propositions is Massage On Demand®. That means we deliver licensed, vetted (by the Zeel team), Zeel Massage Therapists (ZMT) to your doorstep, whether that’s your residence, a hotel room, even your workplace, in as little as an hour from the time you click or swipe to book.  Fact is, depending on the location of the ZMT and the customer, we’ve delivered massages in as little as 30 minutes, leading our customers to call Zeel something akin to magic or teleportation. Nope,  just our awesome GPS tech and app.

app_advancebookingThat said, not everyone is a last-minute sort of a person. Maybe you want to plan ahead for a night in, or you want to make sure your prioritized Zeel Massage Therapist is available. Well, now you can. The Zeel app and website now allows you to select a date up to a month in advance.

Want to try it out?  Start booking a Zeel Massage and you’ll see that you now have the option to select dates 30 days in advance.

So far, 80% of you still book same-day massages. We’re curious to see if that changes.

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When you book in advance, Zeel’s cancellation policies are a bit different – you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance without penalty.

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