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How To Pack and Move Your Massage Essentials

How To Pack and Move Your Massage Essentials

Foldable massage tables make moving easy and stress-free.

Getting ready to move can be a stressful time, but it becomes even more so when you are responsible for transporting a heavy, bulky piece of equipment that provides significant portion of your income. Moving your massage table means packing it properly, carrying it without damaging the table or hurting yourself, and finding reliable transport. You don’t want to be the one on the table after this ordeal is over. Here are some massage table moving tips from our friends at FlatRate Moving.

First, take apart the table and separate it into component parts, if that is reasonable. Multiple lighter and smaller items will be easier to transport, rather than the whole piece. Or, if you have a table that folds up for maximum portability, all the better. You just want to make sure that it is safe and secure during the move.

If you do have the foldable massage table, you might want to invest in a massage table skate, which is exactly what it sounds like: an elongated board with wheels like a skateboard and some straps to hold your folded-up table in place.

For all your other wellness-related items, make sure you have enough sturdy boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials. This is not the time to skimp and look for free boxes.

All your wellness items need special care when you are getting ready to move. Do you want to end up at your new apartment with your ceramic neti pot in pieces? How are you going to keep your nasal passages free of allergens and dust? Make sure to wrap that one up well.

Yoga Mats:
Do you have a special carrying case? If not, consider getting one that gives you a place to store your yoga mat, as well as providing extra protection for it when you move.

Yoga Props: Designate a special box for all these items, from blocks to foam rollers to straps. If you want to get really creative, wrap your yoga mat around the foam roller and then wrap that with your strap. That will save space.

Oils, Lotions and Herbs: These are delicate items that need to wrapped correctly and packed with care to avoid damage and spills. Find one sturdy box to house the items and make sure all glass containers are securely packed so that they don’t move during transport. You don’t want to be cleaning up a mix of massage oil and peppermint essence from your aromatherapy stash.

Supplements and Vitamins: Be sure to check all the expiration dates to weed out any old bottles. No need to take quercetin or saw palmetto from 2010 when you can always pick up another bottle.

DVDs, Videos and Books: You want to keep these items in their cases and boxed up in a container marked: FRAGILE. Otherwise you could end up with broken or scratched DVDs of no use to anyone.


You have all of these things in your life in order to reduce stress and bring your cortisol levels down. Make it easier on yourself by having a plan and the proper materials in place, and your stress will remain at bay during the big move.

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